Jan 4, 2012

Visit To The Dentist

After cracking my tooth, my back tooth at the top, the very back tooth, on Christmas Day and living on smoothies and scrambled eggs for almost two weeks, I had a call from the Dentist.  I left an emergency message on their machine on Boxing day (day after Christmas) but I knew I wouldn't hear from them as it said they were closed until 3rd January.

I have been nursing my sore, broken, loose tooth for so long.  I really really dislike going to the dentist.  I don't know what it is.  I don't really have any horror dentist stories.  I have been seeing the same dentist all my life.  Well that's not entirely true, my old dentist retired about 20 years ago and my current dentist is the dentist that took over his practice.

At 7.30am yesterday morning I had a call from the dentist.  I had an appointment at 10.00am.  In I drove.  So nervous that I was going to lose the tooth.  I knew it was cracked badly, I heard the massive crack on Christmas day.  I then felt the wobble and if I ate something that was too hard, I would feel a crunch, like the tooth came out and then was pushed right back in to my gums, it was very sore.  Fortunately I had a root canal in that tooth years ago, so it wasn't sore from the nerve, it was the gum, it was throbbing and stinging, from the movement of the tooth.  That's why I was trying to stick to smoothies and soft things, like scrambled eggs, things I didn't have to chew.  I was so nervous the whole tooth would fall out or that the dentist would not be able to save the tooth.

So I arrived at the dentist.  The nurse on the front desk asked what happened.  I told her the story of the Christmas day crack, then being loose and the feeling that the tooth kept coming in and out.
I am called in...... I said to my dentist "I really mean no offense, but I really don't like coming to see you". LOL.  He laughed, he knew I didn't mean that I didn't like seeing him, personally.  He is a lovely man.

I sat down in the chair, the seat reclined and I was given the glasses to put on (to stop the glare of the light they shine into your mouth).  He looked in and said "Oh Boy, how on earth did you manage to keep that in there for that long?".  I said, I have been nursing that tooth like a baby.  He told me that I have cracked half of my tooth, cracked it right in half.  So he numbed me up with a needle.  Oh doesn't that needle hurt!  I have to say I think that's the worst part!  Before I knew it, he had pulled it out.  Not the whole tooth, just the half that had broken off.

The gum is so swollen, red and "angry" as the dentist said.  That they are leaving it for a week, then I am to go back, have an xray and see if they will just fill the hole, crown it or have to remove the rest of the tooth.  The dentist did say that he would like to try to save the tooth, but until they get the xray, he will not know what is the best option.

So I left the dentist.  With a numb mouth.  With that feeling that your lip is the size of a basketball!  You smile and your mouth doesn't move, you have a drink and it runs out, LOL.

After a couple of hours the anesthetic had worn off and I was in a lot of pain,  more pain than before.  It is still sore today, but has settled down a bit.  But I am still on soft food and smoothies, I'm worried about the hole at the back and it being so tender.  He said it will start to settle down in a couple of days.  In the mean time, I will just continue to feel sorry for myself.

Upside of all of this.  As I have been living on just smoothies and scrambled egg for almost two weeks now..... I have now lost a total of 2kg (4.4lbs) since Christmas Day!  Woo Hoo.    It's always good to try and find a positive in a negative situation and this is mine, LOL.

Jan 2, 2012

I'm Now Overweight

Why on earth would I be celebrating being overweight you may ask!

Well the reason I am celebrating being overweight is because until last week I was classed as "OBESE".  I really didn't feel obese, friends would say that was ridiculous, that I wasn't obese.  But according to my height and weight on the BMI calculator I was in the obese category.  As I have been losing weight over the last 4 months, I have been dropping to the lower end of the obese category.

Well I have not weighed myself for a couple of weeks.  I weighed myself when we came back from vacation to make sure I hadn't put any weight on after my months on the transformation challenge, and found I had lost 1kg (2.2lbs).

So I weighed myself this morning, to make sure I hadn't put on any weight over Christmas and I have lost another kilo (2.2lbs).  I'm thrilled!  Mind you, I have been living on protein shakes and scrambled eggs thanks to my sore, cracked and now loose tooth.

I just entered my new weight into the BMI calculator and there it is.... 29.5  I am now "OVERWEIGHT" and I'm no longer classed as obese!  Woo Hoo!  That was a small, silent goal I had, to get out of the obese category.  Now my next silent secret goal is to get in the "NORMAL" weight range (a secret that I have now shared with all of my blogging cyber friends, LOL).

Obese is over 30
Overweight is 25 to 29.9
Normal is 18.5 to 24.9

So for me to get into the "normal" range I need to get down to 65kgs (143.3 lbs).  That's 12kgs (54 lbs) to go.  That is my next goal.

I do want to lose more than that, but that is the next goal.  Just baby steps.  I have lost about that so far, in the last 4 months, so I figure by mid year, if I keep on my current path, I will get to my finished goal and in about another 4 months, I hope to be at my next goal, which is in the "normal" weight category.
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