Sep 28, 2011

Nightmare Neighbours

Today has been a very stressful and drama filled.

The day started with me waking up a little later than usual.  My son was still asleep.  Being school holidays I do let him sleep in as he is growing and needs his sleep.

I was downstairs in my bra and underpants (yes a bit too much information, LOL.  And yes, a really scary sight!) and I looked outside into my backyard and there was a man.  Wandering around in my yard, wearing some sort of yellow jacket that trades people seem to wear in Australia.  I was mortified.  I wasn't scared... as I do live in a gated community, which is very safe and we have security people at the gates who have to let everybody in, so I know he was a tradesman (by the yellow jacket) and therefore had been let in by security for some reason.  He seemed to be doing something in my garden.

I ran upstairs to finish getting dressed and then proceeded out in front of my house where he as in his truck, which was parked over my drive way.  I said good morning and asked him what he had been doing in my yard.  He said my neighbours had called him to come and alter my sprinkler system.  He said the sprinkler system was going off every day and they weren't happy so they had called him in to reprogram my sprinkler system and so that it goes off just two days a week and at a different time.  WHAT!!! I was furious!

I said to the man that I hadn't authorised him to touch anything on my property and that he was trespassing and had no right to touch anything to do with my sprinkler system or to come onto my property without my approval.  He said well my neighbours had asked him to so he has assumed that I had asked them to get him to do it.  He then left.

I was so angry, just so angry.  My neighbours are a nightmare.  They are like the street police.  They think they own everybody elses property, they seem to think they have a right to do and say whatever they wish.

I went to my neighbour who was out pottering in her garden and told her that I know she probably did that with good intentions but she had no right to send somebody onto my property and if she had a problem then she should have rang my doorbell and I would have fixed the problem.  She then started screaming "Your sprinklers have been going off at midnight and waking me up....." she went on and on and on with foul language.   I ended up walking off and telling her she was very rude and needed to get a life.   She then came and rang my doorbell and I was inside on the phone.  I asked my son to go out and tell whoever it was that I was on the phone and would be there soon.  When I got out there, she as having a go at my son, going on and on and I told him to go inside.  She then said she came to apologise as it was not appropriate for her to do that.  She continued to go on and on then about other things and I again ended up asking her to leave my property and get a life and went back inside.  I ended up calling security and lodging a complaint about them.

These women constantly come into my house and use my hose, my son will be outside climbing a tree, our tree, on our property and she tells him to get out and not ruin the garden!  OUR GARDEN!  If she doesn't like the plants in my garden, she will come and plant new ones!   They are a pair of sisters, in their late 60's maybe.  They are both never married, have no other family, no children and are just nasty miserable old women.

To get rid of my frustration I went to the gym and boy did I have a big workout, LOL.  Maybe I need to have an altercation with them every day, LOL.

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.

Sep 25, 2011

Chia Seeds

I am thrilled that I found these tiny little seeds.  I have been adding Chia seeds to my protein shakes and sprinkle them on my salad every day.

Chia seeds (also called Salvia) are fantastic for weight loss apparently as well as many other health benefits, including being very high in Omega 3.  They are known as natures complete super food.


Chia Seeds have...
8 times more omega-3s than salmon
5 times more calcium than whole milk
15 times more magnesium than broccoli
3 times more antioxidants than blueberries
3 times more iron than spinach
7 times more vitamin C than an orange
2 times more potassium than bananas
more fibre than flax seed
more protein than soy
good source of B vitamins and the bone building mineral combination of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, boron, and copper rich source of the antioxidants chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and flavonol glycosides.

They are a complete source of proteinproviding all the essential amino acids in an easily digestible form. They are also a fabulous source of soluble fibreLike flax, chia is highly 'hydrophilic' - the seeds absorb water and create a type of gel. They can hold 9 to 12 times their weight in water and they absorb it very rapidly,  in less than 10 minutes. They are a fantastic thickening agent, so can be added to soups or sauces to thicken, they can also be sprinkled over salads.  They can be added to smoothies or any drinks or liquids.

I add some chia seeds to my son's cereal in the morning so he gets all of the health benefits and doesn't even know they're there.  Chia seed's don't have any taste, so they can easily be added to things, particularly for children and they won't even know they are there.  I don't know if any particular brand is better than another.  We have an organic brand of Chia Seeds, but there are many out there.

There are so many health benefits of these seeds, just to many to list.  So I have included a couple of videos below that have great information and many of the health benefits of Chia seeds.  You can also read more about them here.

Sep 23, 2011

Bloggers Choice Awards

I would love to get my votes up in the Bloggers Choice Awards.  Can all of my followers please please vote for me.

To vote just click on the link below...

My site was nominated for Best Health Blog!

Thank you so much in advance

Sep 22, 2011

Seeing Results

I was really excited today. My mother has been away on vacation for the last couple of weeks so I have not seen her since I started on this 12 week transformation challenge.

I popped around to her place this afternoon and the first thing she said was "Wow, look how much weight you have lost". I was so excited. It has only been two weeks (well almost two weeks), actually it's been 12 days to be exact. I haven't lost a lot in kg's but I know I have lost quite a lot in cm's, well a lot for 12 days. But the exciting thing was my mum is the only person I have seen who doesn't see me on an almost basis since I have started.

It feels so great to see and feel the results of my hard work.  I have been eating the 6 meals a day as instructed.  I actually eat a lot more than I did before oddly enough and I have been exercising every day. Not crazy, but an hour a day alternating between cardio and resistance and it's just falling off.

Woo Hoo!

Sep 21, 2011

Junk Food Ad's

Is it just me or when you are on a diet all you seem to see on TV is ad's for junk food.

I have not eaten McDonald's in over two years.  I remember when it was... it was at an airport as we were waiting for a plane.  We just grabbed the McDonald's at the airport before boarding the plane.  So this is not something that we eat often, it's not something that I ever crave, not something that I ever had a desire to eat!  Until NOW!

As I write this, there is an ad for blocks of chocolate, light fluffy chocolate filled with bubbles!  What prompted me to hop online and write this post was a McDonald's ad!  I suddenly got hungry and wanted a McFlurry or whatever it was they were advertising.  I have never had a McFlurry!  Never wanted a McFlurry.  Until now that is...  now I want a McFlurry, why?  Not because I will like the McFlurry, not because I actually want a McFlurry, it's because I am not allowed or supposed to have a McFlurry!

Now I could head out to McDonald's and get myself a McFlurry.  Nobody would know, nobody but myself.  I will not be doing that as the only person that will suffer is myself.   But I am just surprised how many ads there are on TV about food and junk food and I don't normally notice them.  Chocolate, KFC, McDonald's, Red Rooster, Hungry Jack's, Pizza, Pizza and more Pizza (Pizza Hut,  Eagle Boys, Dominos), more chocolate, ice cream, Subway.  Then the Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig comes on straight after the mouth watering KFC chicken fillet burger ad to try and sway you away from the junk in the previous ad and into their program, LOL.

There is the odd ad for apples or mandarins or bananas, but not many, it's always for junk food!  So annoying.

That's my vent for the night, thank you for listening.  I will continue to watch my show and continue to ignore those ad's for yummy looking things, that are not good for me, that never actually look like they do in the ad when you get them in the shop or restaurant anyway.

Does anybody else notice how many food ad's there are on TV?

Sep 19, 2011

Baggy Pants

I don't have my next weigh in and measurements for another 2 and a half weeks.  For the challenge, I had my weight in and all of my measurements on the first day, then we are done again at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and then finally at the end of the 12th week.  I do mean to post my starting measurements here but I have not received them from my trainer.  I am taking my challenge book to the gym tomorrow so I will get all of them then and reveal them to all of you tomorrow.

I know I have lost weight.  Well I had better have!  It's 9 days today and I have been sticking to the eating plan and also exercising every day.  I haven't been to the gym every day but have exercised.  If I don't go to the gym then I go for a big walk.  How do I know I've lost weight?  Well my pants are getting a lot more room in them.  My jeans and shorts were getting so tight that I was hanging over the top.  Yes, the classic muffin top.  Well the muffin top has gone!  Completely gone!  So that is very exciting.  Now I am not any where near finished yet. Just because the muffin top has gone, if I put on a size smaller jeans then I would have the muffin top.  So until I get down to my desired, healthy weight then I will not be celebrating!   But I am happy, happy that there are results for all of my hard work so far.

I will update tomorrow with my starting measurements.

Sep 18, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

I made breakfast for the family this morning and then breakfast for myself.   On the menu for the family was Mickey Mouse pancakes.  We love Disney in our house, Disneyaholics I guess you could call us!

I made the pancake batter with flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk, just a plain simple recipe.


Heated up the pan and added the cute little pancake rings that we got at Walt Disney World last year.  



They turned out perfect little mickey heads.


That was had with butter and maple syrup, YUM.  


For myself I made an egg white omelette with one egg yolk, filled with Spinach, Feta and Radish Sprouts.



It was delicious (yes not as good as the pancakes would have been, but still good).  I had this a few hours after my regular protein and frozen berry shake.

What a perfect Sunday Morning breakfast!

Protein Shakes

Day 9 of my challenge has started with my usual protein shake with frozen organic blueberries and strawberries, some Acai powder and some cacao powder.  Yum.   I have this three times a day as per my eating plan and it really is delicious.

I was worried about having these protein powders that it said I was to have on my eating plan.  Whilst I do like sugar, (I wouldn't be over weight if my diet didn't contribute to my weight gain in some way), but my eating in general isn't as bad as it could be.  In my household we rarely eat processed foods and a majority of my diet is fresh organic food.  We tend not to buy something that has numbers in it and virtually never foods with preservatives, additives and/or colours (I can't say never as we do eat out at restaurants so I can not say what they use).  But at home, never.  My major problem is the 100% lack of exercise, doing about 2000 steps of a recommended 10,000 steps a day.

Anyway, when I was told to have protein powder 3 times a day, I asked if I could have anything else that was more natural, I really didn't want to start taking something, that was filled with additives and unnatural things.  My trainer could not help me, she looked a little blank actually, so I told her not to worry.  When I left the gym I called my brother.  My brother is the go to guy for all things healthy.  He is the epitome of a healthy person.  Eats an all natural, organic, additive free diet, very fit, exercises regularly.  He has studied nutrition and he is just a very very healthy person.  So I asked him about protein shakes and what they were wanting me to have at the gym.   He told me about a great protein powder which I could get from my local organic supermarket and this is what I have been having for the last week and I really like it.  Well it took a little getting used to, but when I filled my blender with frozen berries and the powder, it is just like a berry smoothie and really quite delicious!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I have the Vanilla flavour as I can add different things to it.  I had the chocolate in my basket to start with but decided I may not always want chocolate flavour so changed to the vanilla.  Next time I'm actually going to get the natural flavour to try.  

Sep 15, 2011

Ah The Pain

After my first two days at the gym I am still in agony.  I have realised that after my session on Tuesday with the trainer and being so very sore in my legs and stomach (I have realised I must have virtually no core muscles, LOL). But I didn't rest, I'm determined to win this challenge so off to the gym I went yesterday.

By last night I was in agony.  Every step was just a killer, getting up off the chair was almost impossible, moving hurt my lower stomach muscles so much.  I had a wheat pack on my stomach and on my legs.  I then decided to go and lie in a bath with some Epsom salts.  That was absolute bliss, just sitting in the bath  was giving so much relieve.  After a while I dragged myself out.

I awoke this morning even worse.  I thought that after a big session that the next day you can be sore, but I didn't realise it can get worse over 48 hours! (but it can, I have now read).  So I contacted my trainer this morning as I was due to see her today at the gym.  I explained that I was so unbelievably sore and she said that I really should rest today as the muscles do need time to rest when they are really sore.

I really didn't want to do no exercise today so I have just been for a light walk.  Every step was painful, but I pushed through it and did about 45 minutes.

As the saying goes... "no pain, no gain".  Well with all of the pain I'm experiencing, there had better be a great deal of gain, LOL.

Sep 14, 2011

My Goals

I just saw a quote "Goals are dreams in writing".  I thought to my self  "I have not set my goals down on paper" (well this isn't paper but close enough, LOL).  I  have them in my head, I know where I am headed but writing down my goals is really something that I should do as I embark on this new journey.

So here are my new goals.

1. To get into a size 10 (size 6 USA) - I have so many brand new clothes in size 10, still with the tags on, that I purchased before I tore my artery.  Since then I have packed on a whopping 18kgs (about 40 pounds) in the last 12-18 months so.  So I have my new wardrobe for when I lose the weight.

2. To come off blood pressure medication - I would really love to be medication free!

3. To have more energy - I have so little energy.

4.  To run the 4km run in the Mothers Day Classic - Up until now, I always do the 4km walk every year in the Mothers Day Classic (my blog about it here).  I have always wanted to do the 8km walk instead but next year, I am planning on being so fit that I would love to participate in the 4km run!

These are my main goals.  Yes of course I have goals/aspirations, that I want to look better, feel better, become healthier, fitter, reduce my risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, be a whole new me but they will all be a result if my above goals are achieved.

What are your goals?

FTC So Far

Today is day 5 of my Fenix Transformation Challenge.

I am going to head off to the gym shortly for a cardio session.  Just the bike, treadmill and elliptical (which I hate, LOL).  I did more of a light weights session with my personal trainer yesterday and I have to say I am in agony today, LOL.  My arms are sore and oh my legs... they are sore with every step!  My legs were like jelly for hours after the workout yesterday.  But I am really enjoying it.  The only annoying thing is that I have to take it easy and work up to more intensive workouts thanks to my high blood pressure and the vertebral artery dissection that I suffered from last year.  So I feel as if I could do more, but am restricted to not getting my heart rate over 145.

Now the diet.  I am still trying to get my head around that and get it all perfect but I'm doing pretty well I think.  The diet is based on Metabolic Precision  and from what I have read so far, you ultimately want to eat six times a day.  With three of those meals being protein shakes.  You have to have protein at certain times and carbs at certain times, around exercise, which I have been sticking to well.  I have the guide printed up on my fridge to keep as a guide and I haven't been hungry once.  In actual fact I am eating a lot more than I usually eat!  I think my metabolism has slowed down to almost nothing or is it possible to actually have a negative metabolism, LOL.  If it is I think that's what I have.  The exciting thing is... is that I can still have my dark chocolate!  I love dark chocolate and I think if I had to remove all of my very favourite things from my diet it would be harder to stick to, but having the chocolate makes it all fine and easy to stick too.  Now when I say have dark chocolate, I'm sure they don't mean have a block or two a day.  I have good quality organic dark chocolate and will have just one row or two a day.   So with Metabolic Precision it's all about building up your muscles to increase your metabolism and burn more fat while in the end once your muscles have built up it will increase your metabolism enough so that you don't have to exercise 7 days a week to maintain, from what I can gather so far.

So I hopped on the scales today to just have a sneak peak to see if I was losing anything.  After all it's not a week yet, its the beginning of my 5th day and I have lost just over 1kg (2.2 pounds),  so that is exciting and encouraging!

Sep 10, 2011

Day 1 of FTC

Today is the first day of the Fenix Transformation Challenge (FTC).

I had a setback with the trainer yesterday for my first session at the gym.  When I got there and filled in the forms, as I have high blood pressure and also had the torn artery, she needs a letter from my Dr before going up my exercise plan.  So rather than training yesterday, which I was hoping was my first day at the gym, we spent the 45 minutes chatting about the transformation challenge, doing my weight and also my measurements.

I was absolutely mortified to see that my weight was now 88.7kgs (195 pounds).  I was only 90kgs (198 pounds) when I gave birth to my son.  How on earth did I get this big!  Anyway I will not be this big for long, I can't wait to reveal my results in 12 weeks time.  I don't have my measurements as she didn't give those to me and there were so many, I just can't remember.  My next session at the Gym is Monday, so I will ask her for those then so I can share them here.

When I hopped on the scales I did let out a little swear word as I did truly get a shock.  She did say  "well you do have your shoes on, they add weight, about 700grams (1.5pounds).  I said "oh come on, LOL.  That means I still weigh 88kgs (194 pounds), that's still disgusting).  Anyway I am so embarrassed, I will not be revealing my initial weight to anyone.

I have just had a thought though.  When I win this challenge and win the $5000, my weight will be revealed, my starting weight will be revealed!  I am hoping that won't bother me as much once I am 28.7kgs lighter.  My initial goal was 20kgs, but now seeing that I am 8.7kgs heavier than I thought, I am now having to set a new goal.  I don't know that I will get the whole 28.7kgs off in 12 weeks, people do lose 20 to 30 kgs so it is possible.  I will see how I go.

Anyway this morning is my first day.  As I am not able to train at the gym until I receive clearance from my Dr (which I will get, Monday), I am off for a walk today.  Have to get moving and start my meal plan.  My first meal this morning was a protein shake.  Then I am off for my walk and they out for breakfast with friends, I will be armed with what I can and can not eat, so I don't break the program on the first day.

Will update tonight with more details on my eating plan.

Sep 8, 2011


It's still two days until the big 12 week challenge begins on Saturday but tomorrow is going to be exciting.

Tomorrow is my first appointment at the Gym after joining up a couple of days ago.  I will meet my personal trainer for the first time and she will do my program for me and do my before photos and measurements for the challenge (eeekkk, not looking forward to that).

So tonight I am getting out my work out clothes, get my outfit all organised.  My gym clothes that have been getting dusty up in my closet for well over a year how.  I have just had a terrifying thought!  What if they don't fit, last time I wore them I was 10kgs (22 pounds) lighter!  Oh well, they won't be tight for long and there isn't any point in spending money on new gym clothes when I will only need them at that size for a month or two.  So I will be in skin tight gym clothes, guaranteed that I will have a rather large muffin top (such a bad look!) but there isn't anything I can do.  So whilst technically the challenge doesn't start until Saturday, I will be starting tomorrow with my first gym workout!

I will let all of you know tomorrow night how it all went.  I will probably be very sore, LOL

Sep 7, 2011

Getting Ready...

After joining the gym yesterday and signing up for the Fenix 12 week Transformation Challenge, the next step was being assigned a trainer and getting an appointment set up.

My new trainer called me today and we have set up an appointment for Friday.  There we are going to do my before photos, measurements, my diet, get my diary, get my challenge tshirt and do my workout program.  I can't wait.  I am actually really getting quite excited about this.  I know it's going to be hard work, but i am actually quite driven to win that $5000.  If I don't win I won't be disappointed as I will have the new me, a fitter, healthier, happier me and that is prize enough, but really, $5000 wouldn't go astray.  I will need that money to buy myself a new wardrobe as none of my current clothes will fit me!

I will update you all on Friday after my meeting at the gym with my trainer.  I will reveal my measurements (yes I will be embarrassed and mortified to reveal those, but the upside is that I will get to reveal my amazing measurements in 12 weeks at the end of the challenge).

Sep 6, 2011

I Did It

Today I joined the gym.  Yes my days of indecision, will I.... won't I.  Well that is the sort of unmotivated attitude that got me in this overweight mess in the first place.

See I don't eat really badly.  Yes I love dark chocolate.  But I don't drink soft drink (soda, pop), I don't have a fridge/freezer filled with ice cream, pantry filled with chips (crisps).  I don't eat lots of fast food or fried food.    It's my portion sizes and my complete lack of movement!  And possibly not eating enough for so many years that my metabolism is totally dormant.  In my house we always eat whole grain bread, and not wheat bread, organic ancient grain bread filled with whole grains and seeds.  We eat organic brown rice, we eat organic spelt pasta (and brown, not white), lots of fresh vegies and fruit.

Eg: for breakfast this morning I had a banana, a boiled egg, a slice of ancient grain toast and (yes some butter, but come on, I can have some luxuries, LOL).  For lunch I had a rice cake with half an avocado and a slice of lite jarlsberg cheese and I have had a row of dark organic chocolate.  That's it all day.  I now have turkey breast in the oven for dinner which we will have with steamed vegetables.

So... my biggest problem is my lack of movement (and my diet to a degree, it's not all just exercise).  What are we supposed to do each day?  10,000 steps?  I have probably done about 2000 today.  Sitting at the computer working and now writing my blog, LOL.

Today I marched into Fenix Fitness gym near where I live and joined the gym.  I get three personal training sessions with that to start and can purchase more.  But what I did sign up for along with my membership was the...


The challenge is for 12 weeks.  We get assigned a trainer and there are group training sessions with others participating in the challenge.  We have to have our before photos done and measurements before Saturday when the challenge starts.  We have to submit a little essay about why we have participated in the challenge and what we would like to get out of it.  I don't know all of the details completely yet as I have not met with my trainer, but I believe we also get a food diary of some description.  

So I will be posting regularly about my progress.  I am hoping that over the 12 weeks that I will develop new habits and rid myself of some of my old habits that have me in the place that I am currently in.  You can also win $5000 if you win the challenge, so yes, I will be aiming for that, but my main goal is to form new habits, the habit of regular exercise mainly.  To get my blood pressure down and ultimately get off my blood pressure medication.  Feel more energetic and become a much healthier happier me!

So wish me luck. (well I won't need luck as it isn't about luck, LOL)

Sep 4, 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge

This coming Saturday starts a 12 week transformation challenge at a gym just up the road from me.  I know of two people doing it, another mother from my son's school and a friend of mine's sister.  I would really love to do this.  I know it will be hard, but they provide a menu plan, which is apparently a eat 6 times a day plan.  You exercise 6 times a week, 3 days of weights and 3 days of cardio.

I don't know what is stopping me from signing up.  Maybe it's the possibility of failure, the embarrassment of being so unfit when I start or that I won't be able to do it.  They say that the 12 weeks is what you need to change a habit or pick up a new habit.  So that by the end you will have your exercise habit formed and a new eating plan formed.  It is apparently a new way of life, a makeover of mind, body and spirit. 

I will need to sign up this week.  It's $125 to do it and you must be a member of the gym.  Will I do it?  I really should!

Sep 3, 2011

Hi Everyone

Well it's been a long time between posts.

I have arrived back at my blog to find a new interface on blogger so am trying to find my way around it.   I am posting on what looks like a totally new screen so I hope it looks the same once I publish the post.  How does everybody else like the new blogger interface?

I am about to get seriously get back into my journey to getting healthy.  I will share all about it very soon.

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