Mar 10, 2011

A New Me

Well I haven't been able to weigh in for the last couple of weeks.  My scales ran out of batteries.  I know, all I have to do is get new batteries, but it's something that I keep thinking.. "Oh I'll do that today" and next thing the day is over and I think "I'll do that tomorrow".  This weekend I will find a screwdriver (the battery panel is screwed closed) and will change the batteries.  They have never run out of batteries before, so I don't even know what size batteries it takes.  I know I have lost weight though, my clothes, particularly my shorts/jeans etc are looser which is exciting.

Today was an exciting day though.  I have had really long hair for so long.  It was half to 3/4's of the way down my back and has been like that for years.  Today I felt like a change.  I guess it's a step in the right direction to a new me with my new healthier ways.   I left the hairdresser today with a bob and a short bob.   When I picked my son up from school, I was waiting there and he didn't recognise me, LOL.  Anyway I love my new hairdo.

I have to tell all of you about this thing I went to last weekend.  By thing I mean seminar, talk, not sure what it was, but it was awesome and I got so much out of it and it is helping me on my weight loss journey and in a big way.  When I have more time on the weekend I will sit down and tell all of you all about it.

Thanks for sharing my journey...

Mar 1, 2011

My New Favourite Breakfast

Since starting back on Weight Watchers and needing to lose weight I went looking for a healthy new breakfast cereal.  It's low in fat and full of fibre and low in WW points, which is fabulous and it's yummy.

Here is my new cereal


I have been having that with some low fat milk and banana and it is delicious. I'm going to look like that girl in banner in no time, LOL (in my dreams, but hey, I need to be positive)

Thanks for sharing my journey.
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