Feb 28, 2011

Didn't Find That Pot Of Gold!

Barnaby and I were out walking the today and I had to race back home and grab my camera.  It had been raining and I saw a full rainbow.  It's not very often that I have seen a full rainbow, usually there are breaks in it along the way, or just parts of a rainbow.  But this one had a pot of gold at both ends of the rainbow.


In this photo you can see a faint second rainbow above.

I asked Barnaby if we should walk and find one of those pots of gold but he was just happier to go back to his bed.  He really is not much of a motivator!  But he is the best walking buddy I've got, LOL

Thanks for sharing my journey...

Feb 27, 2011

My Walking Partner

It has been three weeks since I last posted!  I can't believe that!  How slack and also how quickly the time has gone by.  I have to say that they diet has not been going well.  Whilst waiting for my weight watchers kit I became extremely unmotivated.  Although I have been walking and watching what I eat each day, I am yet to "officially" start my weight watchers.  Tomorrow is the day!

So I thought you may all like to meet my walking buddy.  I will admit in this photo he does not look like he would be all that great at getting me out of the house everyday for a long walk, but he does.  His name is Barnaby.

Barnaby, my walking buddy

Thanks for sharing my journey....

Feb 8, 2011

Weight Watchers At Home

It finally arrived!  My Weight Watchers At Home kit.  I was so excited when the courier arrived with it this afternoon and I can't wait to read all about the new program.

In my kit I got a Weight Watchers bag, the Shopping Guide, a Tracker, a ProPoints Calculator, the Eating Out Guide and a folder with the information on the new ProPoints program.


Now.... When will I start?  I have been watching what I eat and have begun exercising.  I really would like to start on a Monday and now today is Tuesday.  So do I wait and start officially next week, start filling in my tracker next week, do my official first weigh in, do and record all of my measurements?  Or do I start straight away?  I think I will wait and start on Monday.  That of course could change, I may end up starting tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.

Thanks for sharing my journey....

My New Blog Design

How do you like my new blog design?

Thanks to the wonderful and very clever Mommy Monologues my new blog design is now up and running.  I have a new button too, so you are welcome to grab that if you like.

Let me know what you think.  I am so happy with it, love the colours, the fonts, the design.  If you need a blog template or a new button or anything for your blog, visit, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know what you think.....

Feb 5, 2011

Same Old..

I haven't really had anything new to add this week.

My Weight Watchers "At Home" kit has not arrived yet which I am really disappointed about.  I was so motivated almost two weeks ago and ready to start and it will be two weeks on Monday since I ordered the kit so it has taken a while to arrive.  It's a bit annoying as when somebody orders they are obviously very motivated to get going, so I don't see how it can take two weeks (that's provided that it arrives on Monday, so it may be longer) to get something out to a customer.  Nothing I can do about it though, guess I just have to wait (or weight, LOL).

I have been good though, sticking to the right foods but have not been counting points.  Not knowing the new system I am not exactly sure what is right, so will have to wait until the kit arrives to read up about the new ProPoints program.  A friend actually asked me this morning if I had lost weight.  That was exciting, because just because I haven't been following WW just yet, I have been watching what I eat.

I did however, have my exercise bike arrive yesterday.  I have not used it yet as it was just so hot today and my airconditioning is not working.  They are coming to fix the aircon on Tuesday, they have been waiting on parts, so it will be all go once that is fixed.  It is just too hot here in Australia at the moment, especially inside, its like an oven.

My New Recumbent Bike

Today I did go for a big walk though.  I have been wearing my pedometer every day to make sure that I am doing enough Weight Watchers steps each day and I have exceeded that each day through walking.

Hopefully my kit will have arrived Monday and I can get going with this Weight Watchers program.

Thanks for sharing my journey....
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