Oct 25, 2011

New Bathroom Scales

I got new bathroom scales today!

Why?  I don't know.  I guess a now that I am seriously into this weight loss and turning my life around by getting healthy, I thought my old scales should be upgraded to some new... super dooper... all the bells and whistles scales.  I don't like them!

These new scales measure body fat, water, weight, they are very high tech.  But there is a problem!  I am 2 kgs (4.4 lbs) heavier with these scales, LOL.

So now what to do?  I am the same weight this morning as I am now, but according to my new scales I am heavier.  So do I stick with the old scales or do I start using the old scales and all of my measurements will have to go up, when I haven't put on weight.

Oh well, I guess I may as well use the new ones.

Oct 21, 2011

Great News

I went to the Dr today.  I have been on blood pressure medication for a year and a half now, since I tore the artery in my neck to keep my blood pressure low (it tends to be on the high side).  Before my vertebral artery dissection I was borderline hypertensive.  So I had borderline high blood pressure, not quite high enough to medicate.  Then I tore the artery and they said it needs to be medicated.

I started on the lowest dose, 150mgs but it didn't help.  My dose was then increased to 300mgs a day where it has been for over a year.

Anyway I went and saw my Dr today and as my blood pressure has been so good since I started this challenge and am exercising up to 5 to 6 times a week.  My medication has reduced down to 150mgs a day from 300mg a day.  I am to stay on that for a month and see that it is still stable, then move to 150mgs every second day!!!!!!

I am then hoping, that as my cardio vascular fitness improves over the next couple of months and if it continues to improve at the rate it has been over the last month and a half, then I may actually get off this medication altogether.

On that note... I am heading off to the gym.

Very Exciting!

Oct 9, 2011

Results from Week 4

I had my Week 4 measurements and weigh in on Friday.  I hadn't lost as much weight as I had planned but my fat loss was quite big.

Skin Fold (pinch test/fat test) results
                                        9/9/11         10/7/11

Tricep -                              31                31
Umbilicus (stomach) -       48                33
S-iliac - (back I think)        33                26
Sub Scapular (?)                38                33
Axilla (under arm area)      27               16
Pectoral                              23               20
Thigh                                 68                52
Total                                 268            211

Measurements  (in cm's)

Shoulder                            120             119
Chest                                 110             107
Navel                                114              89
Right Bicep                        35               33
Left Bicep                          34               33
Hips                                  117             114
Right Thigh                       66.5             62
Left Thigh                         69.5             67
Total                                666              624

Weight (in KG's)                87.7           82.5

Oct 6, 2011

Results Tomorrow

I'm both excited and nervous about tomorrow.  As part of the 12 week transformation challenge, we have to be weighed and measured each 4 weeks.   Tomorrow is my 4 weekly weigh in and measurements... I have been doing this challenge now for 4 weeks.

I have no idea why I am nervous.  I have been weighing and measuring myself along the way, I can't help it.  My trainer said I shouldn't be doing that.  I should just wait for when she does it but i just can't help myself.  I actually find it more motivating by seeing my progress.  Not that I need to.  I can tell from my clothes that I have lost weight and a lot from around my waist.

More and more people are noticing too.  Almost daily I am having people comment on my weight loss.  "are you losing weight".  "Ah yes, I sure am... thanks for noticing" is always my reply.

Tomorrow I will post my results for all of you to see.

Stay tuned.....
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