Nov 29, 2011


I am heading to the gym today for my weigh in and measurements for the final time for the 12 week transformation challenge.    My personal challenge isn't over as I am only 1/3 of the way to my goal weight, but the official challenge ends at the end of this week.  Unfortunately I am going away on vacation so will not be home for the final week of the challenge.

I don't actually think I will win, as I have seen others on the challenge and they look amazing.  The men seem to lose a lot more than the women, annoying, LOL.  I will let you know how I go.  I think after my vacation I will be due for some updates to my progress photos.

I will still be exercising and sticking to my eating plan whilst away on vacation.

If you want to follow my vacation you can read about it on my travel blog.  A Mother, A Son and A Suitcase.

Nov 23, 2011

12 Week Challenge Is Almost Over

Can you believe my 12 week transformation challenge is almost over!  I can't.  The time seems to have gone so quickly.

Sadly I am going away on vacation so will miss the last week of the challenge and will not be able to go to the final presentation dinner.  I don't mind though, I will be relaxing on the gorgeous Hamilton Island, showing off my 10+ kg lighter body.  Now I do still have about 20kgs to lose, I'm about 1/3 of the way through my weight loss journey.

I have my final weigh and measure in on Monday at the gym, a week early thanks to being away at the end.  Also I have final photos!  That is what I'm really looking forward to, to see the difference on camera.

I'm actually really looking forward to the trip.  At the place we are staying at, there is a gym, so I will be able to continue with my workout routine.  There are also lots of gorgeous walking tracks that I can do too to add something different to my workouts.  I have been to Hamilton Island so many times and not once have I done a walk.  Well I tried one day up one of the massive hills and I walked about 100 metres up and it almost killed me, LOL.  It will be interesting to see how much further I get this trip after I have been exercising for the last three months.

I will keep you updated on my progress whilst away for the two weeks and will let you know how I go on Monday with my final weigh/measure/photos.

Nov 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Well I have just had my birthday and I did not behave (in the food/eating department), LOL .

Good thing is.... I still lost weight over the weekend.  Not a lot, but certainly didn't put anything on.

I went out for dinner twice over the weekend.

We had teppanyaki for one meal, where I had a big bowl of this....

Yes, that is chicken fried rice and it was delicious!

Then at the dinner with my family, this arrived just as they cleared the plates from our main meal.

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake with White Chocolate swirls.... So Good

Yes I did have a piece and it was SO delicious.  It was chocolate mud cake and it was worth every mouthful.  I have been so good for the last couple of months that I thought surely it would be ok to have a treat.  After all, it was my birthday.

I'm glad that I didn't put any weight on over the weekend.  I am off on vacation for two weeks next week.  Hope my weight loss continues whilst I'm away.  There is a gym where we are staying so I do plan on going to the gym every day.  I will keep you posted whilst I'm away on my progress!

Nov 10, 2011

Plodding Along

Well I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a total of 9.9kgs (21.82lbs) so far, that's in 8 weeks.

So I'm really happy.  I'm averaging about 1kg a week.  They say the slower it comes off, the more likely it is to stay off.

I have to say that I am finding it hard to keep motivated to go to the gym at the moment!  Something else always seems to come up or I'm sore from a previous workout.  I have still been going about 4 times a week, but those times, I really have to force myself to go.  I know that my blood pressure had come down and in order to keep it down I have to exercise so I will continue to go.  I'm still sticking to the diet too, which I thought I would find hard, but maybe that I am actually eating more than I did before and that fact that I can still have my dark chocolate keeps me on track.

So for those still following my journey, Thank You!
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