Apr 24, 2011

My Role As Easter Bunny Is Over

Well I would love to wish everybody a Happy Easter.  Did the Easter Bunny come?

I have to say I have been chomping on mini Easter eggs all day!  Not heaps but more than I should, but hey it's Easter!

It has been kind of a sad Easter for me.  This year was my last year playing Easter bunny!  (unless by some miracle I have another baby, but can't see that happening, but never say never right).  When we were away on vacation a couple of weeks ago we had a situation occur that started the ball rolling on my son losing his belief in all of those magical things we believe in as a child.  Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy!

Just before we went away on vacation, my son lost a tooth.  He took it away with him and I completely forgot about it.  A few days later my son was in his room in our vacation home and said "Mum, I think that tooth I lost the other day was an adult tooth".  I told him that it wasn't an adult tooth and he then said "it has to be, I've left it out for the tooth fairy for 3 nights and she didn't come".  OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO!  I forgot about the tooth!!!!! I explained that she may not realise where he is as he isn't at home and maybe he just do a shout out and let he know that you are here.  So that night, he put his tooth out again for the tooth fairy.  Can you believe it!  I woke up the next morning and had completely forgotten about that tooth AGAIN!  So I snuck into my son's room, he was still asleep and I took the tooth and left the money.

About half an hour later my son appeared as we were sitting outside having tea (I love green tea) and reading the paper and asked which one of us took his tooth!  Well we explained that we didn't take it, it would have been the tooth fairy, me knowing full well that I had snuck in there about half an hour earlier.  He said that he knew one of us did it as he had woken up just before and the tooth was still there, then he shut his eyes for a few minutes to doze again and then the tooth was gone so he knew it was one of us!  OH NO, Game Over!

So he knew, I admitted later in the day that I had in fact taken the tooth and yes I was the tooth fairy after his constant badgering.  There was just no point in keeping it going, he knew I had done it and he is old enough now and I am surprised it has taken so long for him to find out the truth.

I was so sad, my little boy was growing up.  He questioned me about Easter Bunny and Santa as well but I am not sure that he completely knew about them.  I think in some little way he wanted to hold on to them and believe that they were real, even though another part of him was telling him that they were probably not real too.

So last night.  I told him to go to bed or Easter Bunny wouldn't come.  He just said, "Yeah Right" and had a laugh "She will".  Then he proceeded to tell me that he had found my Easter Bunny stash in the cupboard, he had found my hiding place, which I have used for years and years for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays.  Its a cupboard nobody goes to, until now!  So he found my Easter eggs, he knew the bunny was not real and I was really sad.  I told him to go to bed or "the bunny" real or not, would not come, LOL.  He scurried off to bed and went to sleep.  I then did my Easter bunny duties and put the chocolate eggs and bunnies under the Easter tree (yes we have an Easter Tree, it's a little tree with just branches and we cover it in hanging cute coloured Easter eggs, bunnies and any other Easter decorations we have).

Last night was my last night as Easter Bunny.  It's all over and it's very sad.  So I have drowned my sorrows in little chocolate eggs, LOL.

Anyway I hope everybody has been having a great Easter long weekend.

Thanks for sharing my journey.....

Apr 21, 2011

Easter Is Here

Well the Easter long weekend has begun and I know already that this is going to be a tough one when it comes to sticking to a diet.  In Australia we have a 5 day long weekend, from Friday to Tuesday.  We have a day called ANZAC day, which is on Monday (Easter Monday).

ANZAC day is a day of remembrance in both Australia and New Zealand (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps is what ANZAC stands for).  Remembering all of the Aussies and Kiwis who fought in Gallipoli in Turkey during World War 1 where so many lost their lives.

So ANZAC day falls on Easter Monday.  So Easter Monday is being moved to Tuesday (can't work out how they move a Monday to a Tuesday, but it's done so I just have to deal with my confusion, LOL).  So we have a holiday tomorrow for Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday being Easter, Monday a holiday for ANZAC day and holiday on Tuesday for Easter Monday.  A 5 day long weekend, where shops are closed, no work is done, it is all about spending time with family and friends.... Eating.... Entertaining!

So Easter.... Chocolate, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Lindt Bunnies, Lindt Eggs, Lindt Chocolate Carrots, Cadbury, caramel filled eggs, creme eggs the list goes on.  Easter is torture for a chocoholic dieter!

Hot Cross Buns and now to top it off, the bakeries are now making chocolate hot cross buns.

So good luck all other dieters over this holiday period.  It's going to be a tough one that's for sure!

Easter Bunny.  My son always leaves a few eggs out for Easter Bunny!  I know I know, I don't have to eat them, but I don't feel right about throwing them out.  Maybe this year I will hide the eggs that he gives to the Easter Bunny.  Such a difficult holiday this Easter!

Thanks for sharing my journey....

Apr 19, 2011

Off The Bandwagon!

Well it has been a while since I posted last and I am ashamed to admit that my dieting has not been going well.

I have been away on vacation and whist at times I was very good, having home made salad rolls for lunch or dinner, there were times that I did indulge in certain naughty items.  Pizza, Muffins and more.  I will post photos later of my naughtiness.

Anyway I just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.  I did do one positive thing when away.  There was a special at a local gym for $29 for 6 weeks.  Yes it was just a ploy for them to try and get you to sign up for longer but it was still a great deal.  Other friends signed up too so there will be a few of us going.  Next week that starts so I will keep you filled in on how it goes.

Thanks for sharing my journey
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