Apr 19, 2011

Off The Bandwagon!

Well it has been a while since I posted last and I am ashamed to admit that my dieting has not been going well.

I have been away on vacation and whist at times I was very good, having home made salad rolls for lunch or dinner, there were times that I did indulge in certain naughty items.  Pizza, Muffins and more.  I will post photos later of my naughtiness.

Anyway I just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.  I did do one positive thing when away.  There was a special at a local gym for $29 for 6 weeks.  Yes it was just a ploy for them to try and get you to sign up for longer but it was still a great deal.  Other friends signed up too so there will be a few of us going.  Next week that starts so I will keep you filled in on how it goes.

Thanks for sharing my journey


  1. Hey, it happens to all of us. The fact that you are back and that you did do positive things for yourself means that you have grown, and I mean that figuratively, as in emotional and mental growth, lol.

    Glad that you are back!

  2. horay!!! don't feel guilty we can't be perfect all the time :D, you got a gym membership with some peeps so that will make up for it!!


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