May 4, 2011

BIG - Extreme Makeover

Gosh, I have just been watching this new show, that premiered tonight on Channel 9 (in Australia).  Here's an article on the show and you can see Mick the man featured on the show tonight. Big - Extreme Makeover.

I have to say it was rather shocking to watch.  This poor guy on the show was massive, just massive.  For those that didn't watch the show or haven't heard of it, they say its the show for people "too big" for "The Biggest Loser"!!!  Too big for the biggest loser????  "Are they kidding" I thought.  Then I saw that they were not kidding.

I have to take my hat off to Mick, the guy on the show tonight.  In his first 40 days he lost 40kgs (88.18lbs).  Then the next two weeks he put on 18kgs (39.68lbs).  18kgs in two weeks!  Boy Oh Boy that's a lot of weight.

They did some tests and found that he was only getting about two to three hours of sleep a night and this can affect weight loss.  Now I did not know this.  I do get a good amount of sleep each night, around 7 to 8 hours, but I did not realise that not enough sleep can effect weight loss.

As the show progressed Mick stopped losing weight, mainly because he couldn't stop eating.  So they admitted him to a weight loss clinic.  He was there for 4 weeks and it was amazing, the change in his attitude and his state of mind.  So after 200 days, he lost 50kgs.  He has a long way to go, but he is on his way.   He lost enough weight to have stomach stapling.  How bizarre being too big to have weight loss surgery!

I have to say that Mick was inspirational.  Whilst he had ups and downs, who doesn't!  He had times when he reverted to his old ways and those bad habits crept back in, but he got off the couch and kept going!

Well Done Mick and good luck with your continued weight loss!


  1. As we've seen on BL this year they are taking on larger people... but while some of the participants on BIG are "small enough" for BL, there are other factors that made it not possible.

    The future episodes will be heart wrenching and moving to say the least. ANd inspiration.. You'll be begging to go for a jog afterwards.

  2. Oh I totally agree, I think this series will be heart wrenching and very moving.

    The participants have such a long journey ahead of them and good on them for doing something about their weight and health. I think the hardest thing is to make that first move, the move to the gym or change your diet, call a dietition or trainer and often people just don't know where to start.

  3. Hi i read your all of comments and articles and i like it.

  4. I just saw a commercial for this show last night. It is going to start airing here soon. I look forward to watching. I can always use more inspiration.


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