Nov 10, 2011

Plodding Along

Well I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a total of 9.9kgs (21.82lbs) so far, that's in 8 weeks.

So I'm really happy.  I'm averaging about 1kg a week.  They say the slower it comes off, the more likely it is to stay off.

I have to say that I am finding it hard to keep motivated to go to the gym at the moment!  Something else always seems to come up or I'm sore from a previous workout.  I have still been going about 4 times a week, but those times, I really have to force myself to go.  I know that my blood pressure had come down and in order to keep it down I have to exercise so I will continue to go.  I'm still sticking to the diet too, which I thought I would find hard, but maybe that I am actually eating more than I did before and that fact that I can still have my dark chocolate keeps me on track.

So for those still following my journey, Thank You!


  1. Wohooo!! Great job! Well done!! I lost 2kg and still at it!

  2. Great job! 22lbs is fantastic. It's tough but stick to it and the accomplishment will be worth it :) I'm a new follower from Bloggy Moms and look forward to your future posts.


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