Oct 6, 2011

Results Tomorrow

I'm both excited and nervous about tomorrow.  As part of the 12 week transformation challenge, we have to be weighed and measured each 4 weeks.   Tomorrow is my 4 weekly weigh in and measurements... I have been doing this challenge now for 4 weeks.

I have no idea why I am nervous.  I have been weighing and measuring myself along the way, I can't help it.  My trainer said I shouldn't be doing that.  I should just wait for when she does it but i just can't help myself.  I actually find it more motivating by seeing my progress.  Not that I need to.  I can tell from my clothes that I have lost weight and a lot from around my waist.

More and more people are noticing too.  Almost daily I am having people comment on my weight loss.  "are you losing weight".  "Ah yes, I sure am... thanks for noticing" is always my reply.

Tomorrow I will post my results for all of you to see.

Stay tuned.....


  1. I ve just joined your blog!! I can´t wait to see the ressults!! Im sure youll be as expected!! Good luck!!


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