Feb 27, 2012

Eye Test

I have had glasses for long distance since I was a teenager.  I hardly every wear them.  It's only a one eye problem and the other eye seems to balance out the problem.  My prescription for my glasses hasn't changed since I was a teenager as it's due to the shape of my eye.  I can still see, even at long distance, it's just a little better with the glasses on, for long distance.  I can't wear them for typing on the computer or reading as they are not designed for that so make that a big blurry.

Recently I have noticed it was harder to read things.  Close up things.  Well to be honest, I did not actually think I had a problem reading things.  I was getting irritated at companies for making the font on their labels smaller and making it hard to read.  I have a severe peanut and tree nut allergy so I don't eat anything without reading labels.  It is a habit I have adopted over my lifetime of living with a potentially fatal food allergy.   Checking labels has become second nature to me, I actually do it without realising it.  So the fact that so many companies are now putting their ingredients in a font so small it's impossible to read, was becoming a problem and something that was really annoying me.   One of the supplier of my business, I could no longer read the fax number on their order form, causing me to, every time I placed an order, curse them for making the font so small these days.  Why they didn't keep the font the size they did years ago baffled and annoyed me.

Now the above paragraph is really quite funny.  Here I have been getting upset with companies and my suppliers, truly believing they were changing things... but in reality I was the one changing things!  My eye sight, my short range vision, was getting so bad and I was blaming these poor companies when it was not them at all, IT WAS ME!  LOL.

So last week, on reading a label I thought.... mmmm, maybe I should get my eyes checked and off I went that afternoon.  To my horror, I do have a vision problem.  My long sight is the same, still the same after the last 25 years.  But my short sight, well that is a different story.  I have just been back to the optometrist to pick up my new glasses and am sitting her typing in absolute shock!  I just can not believe how clear this screen is!  I have a mac, so I always make the screen bigger, so I can see the font well and I have always thought that my computer screen and my ipad screen and my phone screens, were very very dirty making things not clear.  Yes I would clean them, but I would then blame the cleaner for blurring up the screen and leaving streaks!

Now I haven't been completely brave.  The optometrist did say I can get one pair that has both the long and short lenses in them, but I would have to wear them all the time.  I don't like the feeling on my nose all the time, that's why I don't wear my long vision glasses very often.   So for now, I have two pairs of glasses to take on and off, some to wear now for computer, reading and then another pair for watching tv and driving at night.  A bit ridiculous and I guess if I get sick of that I will end up with a pair for both problems.

But for now,  I have new glasses.  I can see the computer screen without it being "dirty" all the time, I can read the labels on the food packages clearly and I can also see the fax number on my suppliers order forms!  I didn't realise there was such a bright, crisp clear world out there!  Funny what we put up with and just live with because we don't know any better!

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  1. I can totally relate to this! I have been sneaking by without reading glasses for some time, but finally broke down and bought a couple pairs of cheap-o reading glasses for things like reading medicine bottles, magazines, etc. I really hate wearing them, though but so glad they help me.


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