Feb 8, 2011

Weight Watchers At Home

It finally arrived!  My Weight Watchers At Home kit.  I was so excited when the courier arrived with it this afternoon and I can't wait to read all about the new program.

In my kit I got a Weight Watchers bag, the Shopping Guide, a Tracker, a ProPoints Calculator, the Eating Out Guide and a folder with the information on the new ProPoints program.


Now.... When will I start?  I have been watching what I eat and have begun exercising.  I really would like to start on a Monday and now today is Tuesday.  So do I wait and start officially next week, start filling in my tracker next week, do my official first weigh in, do and record all of my measurements?  Or do I start straight away?  I think I will wait and start on Monday.  That of course could change, I may end up starting tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.

Thanks for sharing my journey....


  1. Good luck with starting the program! I've just started with WW Online and I love it so far. I've lost 2.3kg in 2 weeks which I very happy about! It really is easy to stick to.

  2. Hi
    Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
    Love it! Will be back!


  3. Good luck with the weightloss. I've also emarked on this journey. New follower! Popping in from AMB.

  4. I officially think you are the bravest, most awesome woman EVER. You posted 'before' pics of yourself. You are awesome. I adore you. It was months before I even posted a picture of myself on my blog! And I've gained about 10 lbs since the last pic of me I posted, so yeah, no more posted! You inspire me to stick to the diet I make my husband stick to (and he's lost 15 lbs. Hmmmm) and get off my bum and MOVE!! Thanks!!

  5. Thanks everybody for your comments. I really appreciate the support. x


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