Sep 28, 2011

Nightmare Neighbours

Today has been a very stressful and drama filled.

The day started with me waking up a little later than usual.  My son was still asleep.  Being school holidays I do let him sleep in as he is growing and needs his sleep.

I was downstairs in my bra and underpants (yes a bit too much information, LOL.  And yes, a really scary sight!) and I looked outside into my backyard and there was a man.  Wandering around in my yard, wearing some sort of yellow jacket that trades people seem to wear in Australia.  I was mortified.  I wasn't scared... as I do live in a gated community, which is very safe and we have security people at the gates who have to let everybody in, so I know he was a tradesman (by the yellow jacket) and therefore had been let in by security for some reason.  He seemed to be doing something in my garden.

I ran upstairs to finish getting dressed and then proceeded out in front of my house where he as in his truck, which was parked over my drive way.  I said good morning and asked him what he had been doing in my yard.  He said my neighbours had called him to come and alter my sprinkler system.  He said the sprinkler system was going off every day and they weren't happy so they had called him in to reprogram my sprinkler system and so that it goes off just two days a week and at a different time.  WHAT!!! I was furious!

I said to the man that I hadn't authorised him to touch anything on my property and that he was trespassing and had no right to touch anything to do with my sprinkler system or to come onto my property without my approval.  He said well my neighbours had asked him to so he has assumed that I had asked them to get him to do it.  He then left.

I was so angry, just so angry.  My neighbours are a nightmare.  They are like the street police.  They think they own everybody elses property, they seem to think they have a right to do and say whatever they wish.

I went to my neighbour who was out pottering in her garden and told her that I know she probably did that with good intentions but she had no right to send somebody onto my property and if she had a problem then she should have rang my doorbell and I would have fixed the problem.  She then started screaming "Your sprinklers have been going off at midnight and waking me up....." she went on and on and on with foul language.   I ended up walking off and telling her she was very rude and needed to get a life.   She then came and rang my doorbell and I was inside on the phone.  I asked my son to go out and tell whoever it was that I was on the phone and would be there soon.  When I got out there, she as having a go at my son, going on and on and I told him to go inside.  She then said she came to apologise as it was not appropriate for her to do that.  She continued to go on and on then about other things and I again ended up asking her to leave my property and get a life and went back inside.  I ended up calling security and lodging a complaint about them.

These women constantly come into my house and use my hose, my son will be outside climbing a tree, our tree, on our property and she tells him to get out and not ruin the garden!  OUR GARDEN!  If she doesn't like the plants in my garden, she will come and plant new ones!   They are a pair of sisters, in their late 60's maybe.  They are both never married, have no other family, no children and are just nasty miserable old women.

To get rid of my frustration I went to the gym and boy did I have a big workout, LOL.  Maybe I need to have an altercation with them every day, LOL.

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.


  1. whooa! this is ridiculous! What right do they have...NONE! Hope it improves xx

  2. It sounds like you exercised your frustration away which is a really good idea. I go to the gym when I get stressed out or upset, or just plain frustrated. Sounds like you know just the right way to channel your energy.

  3. Gosh that sounds simply horrible, its a shame you can't pick your neighbors! Hope it gets better or at least manageable.

  4. Oh god, nightmares! Throw baby poo on their roof? ;)


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