Feb 20, 2015

Wet And Windy Day

Well today where I live the weather is really bad.  There are weather warnings around, the rain is very heavy and the wind is strong.  It's a day where you don't really want to venture out.

So today I have been doing a bit of baking.  As of this morning I have lost 6.7kg in the last 25 days.  I am thrilled and I'm eating and not don't feel like I'm starving on so many of these low calorie diets.

For my baking today I decided to make a banana bread loaf.  This has become a favourite in our house.  There is often some in the freezer and my son loves it added to his lunch box to take to school.  This recipe is from the fabulous cookbook called "Family Food" by chef Pete Evans.  It is a paleo recipe, so it's gluten free, dairy free and I make it nut free (due to nut allergies).  I omit the almost flour, increase the coconut flour and add an extra egg.

Here it is, fresh out of the oven

If anyone is thinking of converting to a Paleo way of life or slowly add the food to your families diet. I highly recommend the Family Food cookbook (by Pete Evans).  It is certainly what introduced me to Paleo (without realising that is what the book was).  It has fabulous recipes for the whole family, that the kids will love and that you can incorporate easily into your families lives.

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