Dec 9, 2012

Baggy Shorts... again

At the beginning of this journey, at the beginning of round 3 12WBT.  I purchased a pair of shorts.  Bright green shorts.  I absolutely loved them but was a bit nervous about colour.  I feel very self consious wearing bring colours on my bottom half.  I don't want to draw attention to my large area!.

So I purchased the shorts.  I bought a size 14.  They were a really firm, if I hadn't known that I was going to be losing weight, I would have bought the size 16 as I did have quite a muffin top and they were not comfortable, I knew I was losing weight so would get into them eventually.  Well about 7 -8 weeks later, I was wearing those shorts to a friends house and she said.  Oh, look, I just have to say, those shorts are too big, they don't look right!  Now someone may be offended by this comment, but I was thrilled.  I knew they were getting baggy and are the type of shorts that stretch as they are worn, so when I got home I did look in the mirror and they were looking too big.  So I went out the next morning and bought the size 12.  Yes, that's right, the size 12!!!!!

I am now at the beginning of week 4 of 12WBT.  I have lost about 12kgs, but I know I have lost a lot of cm's.  I'm looking forward to this Wednesday weigh in as it's a milestone week, so we do all of our measurements again.

Now for the exciting thing.  I have been wearing the size 12 bright green shorts for the last 7 or so weeks and on Thursday I was in the office and someone said to me.  Gosh you are looking good, those shorts are too big!  AGAIN, someone else talking about my shorts!  So on Friday I popped out and bought the same shorts in a size 10.  Can you believe it, a size 10!

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Now I know I still have about 13kg to go.  I wouldn't say that I am a size 10.... yet.... Whilst the 12 are getting big, the 10 are quite firm, but I know that in a couple of weeks, they will fit nicely.  They were the only 10 left so I wanted to snap them up, after all it's only the beginning of summer and I don't want to be without my cute green shorts for the rest of the summer.  I have gone down three clothes sizes!  

The size 10 is firm, like the size 14 was when I started this journey, but I can not wait for those too to become baggy and too big and I will then have to slip into the 8!  Won't that be a day of celebration!

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  1. Awesome! Droppimg from a 14 to a 10 is amazeballs!

    This is the first Christmas I'm not slowing anyone to buy me clothes. Hoping they will all be too big for me 6 weeks later. Hubby has promised me $400 towards a new outfit if I reach my goal. Giddy up!


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