Dec 7, 2012

Time To See The Doctor

I have been on high blood pressure medication for a couple of years now.  I didn't ever have what was considered high blood pressure very often.  I had borderline hypertension.  Sometimes it was up, if I was stressed it was high.  It was always on the very high side of normal, just tipping into high.  But after tearing my artery, I was put on medication to lower my blood pressure as the Dr's were worried about the long term borderline hypertension may have been the cause.

Well I have lost close to 12kgs so far (about 26lbs) and I will be honest.  I haven't really been monitoring my blood pressure for a long time.  My machine was out of batteries, I'd been meaning to buy more and just kept forgetting.  I have been taking my medication daily though, never miss it as I don't want to tear the artery or another artery again due to my blood pressure.

The last week I have been getting quite light headed.  Particularly when I get up, but sometimes just standing there, or sitting on the couch.  I have also had this annoying tingling feet!  I thought it may be magnesium or my iron levels as I'm regularly with very low iron.

So yesterday I started taking my blood pressure.  Not sure why I suddenly started monitoring it again.  I guess I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't high.  To my surprise, it is LOW!   107/60.  104/62.  96/60.  That is why I have been feeling light headed I think and low blood pressure I have just googled (never had it before so never knew the symptoms) can cause tingling feet!  Maybe losing this 12 (26 lbs) odd kilograms is bringing my blood pressure down.

I know this has been a goal of mine on this 12WBT journey.  To get my blood pressure down and get off this medication.   Until I tore my artery I had never been on regular medication (except asthma puffer when needed).  So I am heading off to the DR on Monday to speak to him about it.  I am now on the lowest dose of the drug I'm on, so I guess the next step will be to take it every second day for a little while or maybe if it's consistently low stop ween me off  it all together.

Anyway I'm doing a happy dance!  I have not seen my blood pressure be anything other than on the high side of normal to high for the last few years (even on medication it was still always on the high side of normal).  I have joked with a friend who has low blood pressure that she can have some of mine, but now it's looking like I don't have any to give away (if only we could, LOL)

12WBT!  You are my saviour!

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