Dec 26, 2012

Christmas Weight Loss

I had a Christmas/Birthday Party on Christmas Eve, then the big family Christmas lunch on Christmas day.

Our Christmas Tree (before the presents and I have lost the tree skirt, so apologise for the naked tree)

Christmas Eve

I did allow myself to enjoy some of the yummy food on offer and didn't deprive myself too much.  On Christmas Eve, I made this heaven Salmon Pate or sort of a dip.  It's thick and you spread it on a slice of bread stick.  It is SOOOO yummy, but as it's filled with mayonnaise and lots of butter it is NOT low fat or low in calories.   Well as it's my favourite thing and it's not something I make very often and I have been so good over the last few months on 12WBT,  I limited my calories during the day, knowing that I would be indulging for dinner.  I had three bits of dip on bread.  It was SOOOOO good.  I could have eaten the whole pot and it's one of those things that once started is really hard to stop.  But I did stop and I just enjoyed and savoured every mouthful.

For dinner there was lamb, salads and potato bake.  Well potato bake is another weakness for me!  I LOVE it.  So I did have some, but not my usual half the plate full.  I had just a small tablespoon full. A small piece of lamb and then half the plate of salad.  I then did indulge in dessert!  Pavlova!!!  Who can resist pavlova.  I got up and cut my own slice and I literally had a sliver.  The kept handing me a "small piece" to which I would say, no I'll have a really small piece and would pass that piece to someone else, just like a shaving was all I wanted.  So in the end I just said, "can I cut my piece".  Which I did and it was only about half a cm thick but it was enough to have about 3 mouthfuls with some cream and fruit on top and I got the flavour and it was really all I wanted.

Christmas Day

So I survived Christmas Eve.  Now it was time to survive Christmas Day!  Now my family are not known to skimp on the Christmas lunch servings!  We have roast turkey, baked ham, roast potatoes and pumpkin, asparagus mornay (my favourite), broccoli, peas, stuffing and lashings of gravy!   I again asked if I could do my own plate as I could see the serving sizes were just massive.  I just had a small piece of turkey, a smaller piece of ham, one small baked potato, once small piece of pumpkin, spoonful of peas, a dessert spoon of asparagus, a large floweret of steamed broccoli and instead of the usual, plate drowning in gravy, I just did a small drizzle over the meat.  It was about half the size of everyone else's, but it was plenty for me!

Then came time for dessert.  There is a little history there.  Growing up, my aunt always made the Christmas puddings filled with treasures that we would exchange for money, topped with brandy custard.  I on the other hand have a nut allergy, so I was never able to have it.  So I always had my own pudding, it was a chocolate chip steamed pudding with chocolate custard.  Over the years, people... family members, were getting jealous of my special pudding.  They wanted that too.  So slowly but surely the traditional Christmas pudding vanished and all that was served was the chocolate chip steamed pudding with chocolate custard (also filled with treasures).  So this year was no different.  We had steamed chocolate chip pudding with home made chocolate custard and served with home made chocolate and vanilla ice creams.  OH MY Goodness!  I can tell you my blogging friends, this is a dessert that is out of this world.  I was not going to miss out on my favourite dessert of the year!  So I again served myself.  I had just a tiny piece, about a 1/4 of the size of everyone elses.  A small spoonful of the chocolate custard, instead of the pool of custard everyone else had and then a teaspoon full of each of the ice creams, as apposed to the large scoop of each that everyone else had.

It was a spectacular couple of days.  Filled with lots of laughs, great company, great food and just a really festive time.

After the last two days I was not expecting to lose any weight today for our usual Wednesday weigh in.  But I have to say that even though I did indulge in some naughty things.  I did watch the calories, I did have small portions and I guess I didn't go overboard.  I am pleased to say that I still lost 400 grams this week! 

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  Next challenge... New Years Eve and a holiday to Hamilton Island!

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