Nov 24, 2012

I'm In Pain

I did the Michelle Bridges Gym Ball workout the other day.  Oh boy, I am still sore!  So I guess that means it's a good workout!  LOL.

Two days later I am still having trouble walking down stairs thanks to my thighs.  Then to use my stomach, oh dear, that is agony!  I did realise that my core strength was almost non existent  but I didn't realise my thigh muscles were in such bad shape.

As the saying goes No Pain, No Gain!  So I'm taking this pain as a good thing.  Now to get through a Super Saturday Session, eeekkkk!


  1. Monnie, as my wife says to me, "Is DOMS is GOOD!!" Well done.

  2. Found your blog through Bloggers! Good inspirational stuff for moms who are on a diet! I just followed you !


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