Jan 21, 2011

The countdown begins

So Monday is the day.  It is the day that my new diet/lifestyle change will begin!  I am still not 100% sure what diet I will undertake.  Whether I will just make up my own with sensible eating and exercise of go back to Weight Watchers.  I think it will be back to Weight Watchers, but it would be Weight Watchers at home.

I am also thinking of getting an exercise bike to sit in front of the TV at night and peddle away on the bike.  I live in a great area so plan to do walking three or more times a week, but the exercise bike would be the best!   The Biggest Loser show is about to start again and last time I was on a diet I sat on the exercise bike watching that show every night and it was fantastic, very inspiring.  The sad thing is that I don't see myself as being like those on the biggest loser, I don't think I am big enough to go on that show.  The seem to mainly be people of 100kg + (220 pounds +).  I haven't weighted myself in a long time, but I have to be around  75 to 80 kgs (around 165 to 176 pounds) and I want to lose about 20kgs (about 44 pounds).  My goal is really to be about 58 to 60 kgs (around 127 to 132 pounds).  I have this illusion that I don't really eat that badly..... Well if that is the case, why on earth am I overweight.  I keep telling myself that it's all about exercise and my lack of it.  But when I still walked about three times a week I was still not the weight I should be, so my diet (food) is part of the reason for my weight problem.  I am just like those on the biggest loser!  I have a problem with my weight, I have a problem with my diet and I have a problem with my self esteem and I need to change my lifestyle.

So... Monday is the day, Monday it is.... Monday is the day my new life begins, my healthy life.  I am not just wanting to lose weight, but I am wanting to get healthy and I am going to do it.  I'm going to do it for myself and I'm going to do it for my son.  He needs his mum to be around as long as possible so I must, I have to lose this weight!

Thanks for sharing my journey....

Monnie xx


  1. Following you from MBC. Stop on by and say hi! We love new followers!! You can also find me on FB at or under my personal profile Tawanna Browne Smith where I talk about working out and exercising here and there! :)

  2. I love your post! You encouraged me to pick a day and actually start! Good blog and Im a follower now!! I hope you find this journey enjoyable as well as healthy! Im behind 100%

  3. Monnie,

    Bless you! I just lost 18lbs using the HCG diet. This diet really works. I have another 15lbs to lose. I will go back on it in March. I am your newest follower. Please follow back at:
    Nicole Weaver

  4. Welcome to the blogging world. Feel Free to follow back

  5. Thank you all for following me on my journey. Nicole, I love turtles, we saw quite a few swimming whilst we were away on vacation recently.
    Eirka, your twins are gorgeous!
    CharB, I am a mom who loves to travel, so I look forward to reading your blog.


  6. welcome to the wieght loss blog world its a crazy one!! good luck love!!


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