Jan 25, 2011

My Secret Life As A Blogger.

Bit of a hectic day today, just didn't stop.  I was going to post my before photos today, along with some photos of some things I bought from Weight Watchers today, but will do that tomorrow, I'm just too tired tonight.

When I first decided that I really needed to drop this weight and get healthy, I had mentioned to a friend that I would start a blog to document my journey and most of all get some followers, some supporters to help me stay accountable!  I think my friend thought that was a bit weird, writing a blog about losing weight.  So today I was chatting with her on the phone and I said that I had signed back up to Weight Watchers yesterday and should have my kit in two weeks at the longest.  She then said that I would then have to start my blog.  I stupidly told her that I had already started my blog and she said that she would go and follow.  I almost had a panic attack! LOL, I don't want her reading my blog.  I don't want any family and friends reading my blog.  Stupid I know, but until I lose the weight, I don't want anybody I know reading it, well unless they read it not realising that it's me.  I sort of feel that I can share more with all of my anonymous followers and supporters and cyberfriends, things that I am just too embarrassed or ashamed for friends or family to know.  I just want this to be my place to come and be my little escape, my own little secret place.   My friend asked what was the point of doing a blog if nobody would read it!  I said well people will read it, just my new "cyberfriends", my followers, my supporters.  I said that I had a couple of dozen followers already and she was really surprised.  She wondered why anybody would read, much less care about my weight loss journey.  I explained that I enjoy reading others blogs, their successes, their failures, their challenges.  I enjoy reading to give me encouragement, I get inspired, to know I'm not alone out there, that others are going through the same, or have been through the same and to support others.

Does anybody else have friends or family that just don't get blogging or why you blog?  Does anybody else keep their blog a secret from friends and family?  Am I the only weird one that does that?

So my friend said she was going to try and find my blog.   I really hope that she doesn't find me!

Thanks for sharing my journey...

Monnie  xx


  1. Hello! Visiting from Twitter...

    It sounds like your friend has never struggled with weight issues :)
    I keep two blogs. One is Public that my friends and family can see. I post updates to this one on Facebook. The other is private, and I keep it a secret from friends and family. Only one friend have I shared it with, because she too is losing weight and blogging about her own journey. I would love to have more followers aka supporters on that blog, but I do not want anyone I know personally to see it.

    I know I run a risk of them finding it somehow, but that blog is more personal. And as you said....... until I lose this weight..... I'm not ready to share with them.

    My "private" blog is if you want to read about my Journey as well.

    Good Luck with Weight Watchers!!

    btw - I'm subscribing to your blog :)
    I look forward to "getting to know you".

  2. From one diva to another, hello!

    And I completely understand you keeping your blog a secret. My sister, who has by far been my biggest supporter in everything and all things, is the only person in the real world that I have told about my blog. She has been sworn to secrecy. All others, i believe, are cyber buddies.

    There's nothing wrong with that at all. My family has fought me for years about my weight, and as far as I know, they just don't understand the root of it. These fights have always turned out messy with both sides further apart from where we started.

    My blog lets me vent a little about my ups and downs without my family's scrutinizing eyes. It also keeps me accountable for the sake of making my life better, not making them happy.

    As you said, the blog also gives me a chance to meet other people in my situation that get me, and many of my friends and family are just not as heavy as me. So they just can't get this.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts Diva. If you need a new cyber buddy in this weight loss battle, let me know! You can find me at or at my twitter handle, downdivadown.

    Glad to meet you, and happy weight-losing!

  3. My husband asked me tonight if I blog about "everything". Um, yes. And I hope that my family reads it [sometimes]. My family knows about one of my blogs-the other has a link on that page, but I am not aware that anyone has actually found me...yet. :) Glad to be here to support you in cyberspace!!

  4. some of my family know about my blog, but they don't 'get it' so don't bother reading it and I feel just as free to say what I like... but if they did 'get it' I'm not sure that I would have mentioned it to them :|

  5. Brea, no one knows about my blog but my mother so you're not the only one! I think it enables me to put myself out there without wondering what anyone will think. I also want my blog to be successful on it's own merits and not because my family and friends love me:)

  6. Hi, I'm following you on the Wednesday comment hop. Good luck on the weight loss journey. I'll be listening in (reading). . . If you need anything to read, check out my blog


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