Jan 24, 2011

Decision Made

Well after much debating the decision on which program through Weight Watchers has been decided.

I decided to go with WW ProPoints At Home program.  It comes with a phone consultation each week, along with the tracker to write it all down and all of the program information in hard copy.  I decided on that over WW Online as I do like the idea of the phone call and the hard copy.  As I am a lifetime member and also would like to use some of the online features, including the iPhone app, I joined the etools as well, which is $16.95 a month.  It is only slightly different to WW Online, with Online including the program material.  So I have the best of both worlds with hard copies of the program and then being able to use all of the online features.

Only downside of At Home is that it has to be sent out.  They say up to 14 days for it to arrive, but I have read of people getting it in about 7 days, so hopefully this time next week I will have it.  Through Etools I was given my daily points allowance and it has a calculator.  I know ProPoints is supposed to be different to the old Points Value system, with the online calculator it is quite easy to work out the points.  So I have started the program now, but I won't officially start until I receive the kit.  I have tracked my points today and I still have 4 PP left.

Anyway I took before shots today, they are not great, hideous in fact.  I am very embarrassed to put myself out there, but I will.  I still have to do my measurements, which I will do tomorrow also.

Thanks for sharing my journey...

Monnie  xx


  1. I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. Go check out my latest post to receive your award.

  2. Wow, another award! Thank you so much for my award, that's two in the last few days! How Exciting!

  3. My mom and several friends have switched different plans and always come back to WW> Good luck on your journey!
    Tracy @

  4. Thanks Tracy, I too have tried so many others but WW is the best I think, you eat real food and learn portions and the right options.


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