Jan 23, 2011

What To Do?

I have been online for a couple of hours, looking at information about Weight Watchers new Pro Points.  I am going to do the program at home, but I have two choices, there is an at home pack called "ProPoints at Home" for a one off $279, where they post a pack out to you.

The At Home Ultimate Kit includes:
  • Program handbooks
  • ProPoints Finder/Booster will help you determine the ProPoints values for food and exercise
  • Passport to Success booklet to track your weight-loss journey
  • Plus, you can visit a Meeting with your 2 Free Meeting passes and interact with other Members on their weight-loss journeys for support and inspiration – without paying Meeting fees!
  • One-to-one support via email, phone, fax or post
  • 12 Weekly progress cards and reply paid envelopes
  • Weekly correspondence
  • ProPoints Guide
  • Eating Out Guide
  • My Journal
  • Sturdy holder for all your program material - exclusive to AT HOME Members!

Then there is the Weight Watchers Online program which is an ongoing $29.95 a month.  This includes access to their electronic tracker, online calculator, online recipes etc.

The thing is, I would really like to have the written tracker rather than the online one.  In saying that I am not completely sure how the online works and there is an iPhone app too, so I may be able to track that way.  I do like to have the paper guides to read though, not just read online.  I like to be able to sit down and read the booklets.  If I do the ProPoints at Home, then I won't be able to start tomorrow as I had planned.  If I do the online then I can join today, read up on tonight and be ready to start in the morning.  I could always go to a local meeting and get the some cookbooks and the shopping guide, calculator etc.

So, what to do?  Which to choose?  You would think that I would have worked this out by now.

Today I have actually been very good.  We went out for our usual Sunday all the family breakfast.  I walked there.  Something that I used to do all the time, but lately along with the 10kgs I have gained, I have become a touch lazy and no longer walk anywhere.  My rule has always been that if we are going somewhere close by, then we walk, but lately that has just not been happening and that may be some of the reason for my recent weight gain as well.

Anyway I will let you know tomorrow what I have ended up doing, WW online or WW ProPoints at home.

If anybody has done online or at home please let me know how it is, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for sharing my journey...

Monnie  xx

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  1. I am also on WW! this is week 3 for me and so far I love it. Im a new follower from bloggy moms. Id love if you follow me.


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