Aug 20, 2012

Task 2... Set Your Goals

My goals are really quite simple.  I still have 24 kgs that I want to lose.  So this challenge my goal is to lose 12 kgs.  12 kgs in three months, in 12 weeks, a kg a week is doable.  I lost 12 in the last challenge (which became 14 in the 2 weeks after the challenge finished) so I know I can do 12 kgs.

My goal in the last challenge was to get off my blood pressure medication... well I didn't achieve that... YET.  I did however, over the 12 weeks, go from 300 mgs a day down to 150 mgs every second day.  Now that I have been slack with exercising over the last 6 months since I did the challenge last year, I am back up to 150 mgs a day.  So it is my goal to get back to 150 mgs every second day again and long term (6 months at the latest) to get off it all together.

My biggest goal though is to form new habits and get a new lifestyle.  When I did the challenge at my gym last year, it was all about exercise.  Yes there was a hint of diet related in there.... in the way that you had to have protein shakes 3 times a day and 3 meals, but there wasn't any assistance on what to eat and what not to eat.  It was just sign up, here's your book to write everything down that you eat and exercise and your measurements and off you go.  Diet is a big thing for me, it's not that I actually eat a lot of bad foods (which I will get into in the kitchen makeover post) but I really don't eat well.  I don't think I eat enough, I think my metabolism is virtually dormant, it died off with the dinosaurs, LOL.     

So it is my goal to start eating properly and to find an exercise that I love, maybe get back into Tennis or take up rowing in the summer.   I did rowing a few years ago with some other mothers from school, they have a mothers rowing program during the day.  My son is going to do rowing at the end of the year, so if they still have that program for the mothers I would like to get involved in that too.

My Goals for the next 12 weeks...
To lose 12 kgs
To get my blood pressure down
To reduce my blood pressure medication
To for new habits and a new mindset when it comes to food and exercise
To put myself at the top of my important list (in my head)
To find a new (or get back into an old) sport

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