Aug 25, 2012

Task 5... Kitchen Makeover

The Kitchen Makeover is done!

This task required you to throw out all of the junk from your pantry.  All of those processed foods, all the chips, soft drinks (soda or pop), sweet biscuits, you get the idea.  

Well this really was not a problem for me as we don't have any of that anyway.  The only thing I had to throw away was an old packet of ice cream cones that my son had added to the shopping trolley once and there was one cone missing from that box and the box expired in January 2011!!!!  Shows how badly my pantry needed a clean out!

We don't drink soft drink, juice or cordials, we don't eat chips or sweet biscuits.  We really eat very little processed food.  I don't allow those things in the house, my son doesn't eat that sort of thing.  If he wants a snack he will have some fruit, or he will mash an avocado and add some garlic and have some wholegrain rice crackers or he has been known to have cereal as a snack.

Why do I have a weight problem then, well I don't move enough!  And I am not strict on myself when it comes to eating, I am at home, as there isn't anything bad to eat in the house, except my organic raw chocolate.  Outside the home is my problem, those double chocolate muffins, the chocolate cake, the scones with jam and cream (I always have to have extra cream too), the hot chocolates (that are almost just melted chocolate with a little milk added), the hot chips (fries).

Anyway the makeover is done!  I cleaned out about two garbage bags of out of date food!  There is a list of pantry essentials we need to stock up on, but I found I had almost all of them already in the pantry and the others I will get when there is a recipe coming up that calls for them.  There are a few fridge and freezer essentials and I had every one of those already there.  So again, not too much extra shopping to do.

Anybody thinking of doing this program, it starts in two days (Monday, or Sunday in the USA).  So far I am very impressed and really looking forward to this new life journey.  This is not just a 12 week challenge for me, this is a rest of my life lifestyle change!  

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