Aug 26, 2012

Task 7... The Fitness Test

Well today I completed the Fitness Test part of the 12wbt.

I had shin splints years and years ago and I find that if I walk without warming up they come back.  Well today I took off in a very slow job (I am rather unfit now after months of not exercising) and I was in absolute agony!  So bad that I was having trouble walking.  I was very disappointed in my 9 minute 1km walk.  It was rather embarrassing to be honest.  I am really going to have to investigate this shin splint thing!  I just can't understand how after my first jog in about 20 years, why within about 5 minutes I was in such incredible pain!  For anyone who has never had them, they are excruciating.  I wonder if it's my shoes?  or the way I walk?

Anyway my 9 minute result put me in the Beginner category for the 12wbt.  Then it was on to the push ups.  Oh dear, I used to be good at those, LOL.  In the one minute I did 26 of them which put me in the intermediate category.

Next was abdominal strength test.  Well I don't have any abdominal strength, LOL.  So I was in the beginner category for that test.

Next was the wall sit.  I felt like I was sitting there for minutes.  I was somewhat shocked when I stood up and my son stopped the stopwatch.  It was only 35 seconds!  Beginner again!   My 12 year old son decided that the wall sit looked cool, so he wanted to try it.  I reset the stop watch and he got into position.  He was in a perfect right angle, perfect position.  How long did he sit there?  I was mortified! Mortified at how long I had sat there compared to him.  He sat there for 3 minutes and 25 seconds!  Yes, that's right!  3 minutes 25 seconds.  He is starting rowing next term at school.  He may be quite good at that with that leg strength!

The final test was Sit and Reach.  With this test, we had to put our feet up to a step and have a ruler to measure how far forward we could reach.  I made it to +4 cms (which was 4cms past my toes).  This was the intermediate category.

Now to work out wether we are Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced for the 12wbt, we take the average of our fitness test.  My average was Beginner.

Thank goodness that is over!  I really don't like tests, of any kind.  Have to do it all again at the 4 week mark, but I should be fitter by then and I'm looking forward to seeing my improvements.

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