Aug 26, 2012

Task 6... Organise and Diarise

Another task complete.

I really loved this task!  I love being organised!  One of my favourite stores is Kikki K.  I could wander around there all day and buy almost everything in that shop.

I have purchased a few things to help myself get organised for this 12 week challenge (life time transformation).  I have purchased a book called Fit Book  This can be purchased in Australia too, I bought mine from a discount nutrition supplement store just up the road from me.   This is a fabulous diary to keep track of your food and exercise.

The next thing I have done is to print up all of the recipes for the coming week, as well as a few more.  There were a few recipes that I didn't like so I have just decided to have different recipe for that particular meal.  I have found other recipes where a serve is very similar calories.  I have bought a folder, dividers and plastic pockets and have added all of the printed menus into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and desserts.  At the front I have a printout of my meal plan for every meal for the whole week. In another section of the folder I have also added some pages of preferred snacks.  So that is the meal planning all organised.  All I have to do now for this is to create a cover for the folder.  It has a plastic slot at the front of the folder for me to slid a piece of paper into it, so I want to create something really inspirational to put in the front.

I have printed off my exercise planner for this week and will be adding that to another folder all of it's own.    I purchased a weekly planner from Kikki K and have written out the week's plan for exercise, supermarket shopping, work and activities.

I still think I will tweak this planning as the weeks go on.  I really do love planning and having things all set out and organised.  This was such a fun task!


  1. Wow! I love how organised you are! I love the Fitbook, but I just brought a little diary to write everything down today. See how I go with that! Great idea to store all the recipes! I might just have to get onto something similar!

    Good luck with your journey! With your organisation, you are definitely setting yourself up for success!

  2. love the diary and seeing your motivation. you are an inspiration for me :)


  3. You are so organized! I'm following Marcelle Pick's 30-day Eating Program from her book "Are You Tired and Wired?" She includes the recipes so I don't have to think - love that! Nothing fancy just simple healthy meals that use lots of veggies and fruit. I recommend the book - it's very inspirational and includes lots of tips for living a balanced and healthy life.

  4. Hi Monnie,
    Tried to leave you an earlier comment but after countless attempts the "proving you are not a robot" word /letters constantly blocked me. I am pretty IT savy so was very surprised. Do you think you can get this modified somehow. I am sure there must be many others inspired by your blog and would like to give positive feedback too, but can't! Great work! SmileyJo!

  5. Thanks for all of your comments and thanks for following along :)

    SmileyJo, I am so sorry you had trouble leaving a comment. I used to have the robot real person checker off but I was getting SOOOO many spam comments. Some still do get through but they are put into my spam box.

    I might give it another try but if I'm bombarded with spam again I will have to put it back.

    Thanks so much though for trying to leave a comment :)


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