Aug 22, 2012

Task 4... Say It Out Loud

Well I have taken this bull by the horns and have been shouting everywhere, LOL.

I am committed to this challenge, for myself, to change my life, to lose 12 kgs and to change my attitude towards exercise and diet.  I will give this challenge 100%, everything I have!

I have been blasting on twitter, I have been posting photos of my different purchases on Instagram, I have joined facebook groups for my area and I have been posting on the 12WBT forums.

I have also been saying it loud here on my blog!  I am happy for the world to know that I am doing Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge and I am going to change my lifestyle, my diet and the way that I think about diet and exercise.

I am going to get back my 20 year old self (in my 40's) in my way of thinking.  I had a great attitude back then and was fit and healthy.... Well in some ways,  not in others.  I drank a lot back then and I hardly drink at all now, I was also prone to having the odd cigarette or 40, which I did stop in my late 20's.  So I am a healthier me now... but my way of thinking, my attitude towards diet and exercise was a lot different back then.  That is what I want to get back, without the drinking and smoking!

I can't wait for this challenge to begin!  I am not just looking forward to gaining exercise habits but I'm really looking forward to an attitude adjustment.  Finding the real me, the me that has somehow become lost over the last 12 years, the me that has become stuck in a rut and developed some bad habits and negative ways of thinking (about myself).

So the new me.... is on her way!  I bet you are all looking forward to meeting her as she evolves or breaks out of her self destructive shell that has been building over the years.

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