Dec 4, 2013

Gluten Free - Day Two

Today was a little harder than our first day.  We had two outings.  One to a theme park with friends and a dinner out at a restaurant, and not just any restaurant, an italian restaurant... gluten filled meal central!
I had looked at the theme parks website the night before and I couldn't find any information about gluten-free food being available at all.  I thought this was a little strange as everywhere seems to be so gluten-free friendly these days so I thought I'd better pack some food for my son and I just incase we couldn't find anything for lunch.  The theme park has a "no outside food" policy, but they did not do a bag check so we didn't have any trouble taking in our own lunch.
I am so glad that I did as there really was nothing that I would have eaten.  There was lots of burgers, nuggets and fries, hotdogs, donuts, muffins, sandwiches, if it had gluten in it, they had it.  I had packed some large gluten-free savoury muffins and some fruit for us and that was plenty.   I wasn't bothered not eating the hotdogs and fries, I was really quite happy with my muffin and fruit but I'm not sure about my son.  I think he was feeling a little left out not having his usual meal like all the other kids but he didn't complain.
That night we went out for dinner to a local italian restaurant.  I really didn't know if we would be able to eat much there but to my surprise, they had gluten-free pizza bases, gluten-free pasta and were able to make most of their meals gluten-free on request (there were a few that could not be made gluten free but that was just a few meals, so it was almost the whole menu available).  My son had his usual all meat pizza and I had a ham and mushroom and egg pizza and we all loved them!  In fact, we actually preferred the pizza base to their usual gluten containing pizza base!  So we are happy that we will be able to continue going to one of our favourite restaurants.
We still have not noticed much of a difference in ourselves.  I will say though that I have had this  psoriasis patch on my stomach for about 4 months now.  Usually I break out in winter and under stress and with the weather being so hot, it's unusual that my psoriasis is playing up at this time of year, but it has been.  Even when it does break out, I will have the break out patch stay around for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, where it seems to go away (and sometimes leaves a faint mark of where it was).  But this 4 month one was a little sore and a little itchy but it looked terrible and it was right on my short/jeans line, so it would rub.  I wondered if this is why it had stayed for so long.  Anyway.... to cut the long story short... it's starting to go!  It's probably faded by half (my psoriasis doesn't shrink, it sort of fades away if that makes any sense).  So I'm wondering if this is down to the diet?  I'm hoping so!

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