Dec 20, 2013

Favourite Thing Friday... Crackers

So every Friday I'm going to post one of my favourite things.  Food, make up, book, anything really.    These will be thing's that I eat, wear, read, use.  Thing's that I have purchased myself, with my own money, no sponsorship or donations from companies at all.  I just want to share with others some great finds.  I often buy food or an item on a recommendation from a friend so thought I would do the same for my blogging friends and followers.

So my favourite item this week.....

DeliGrains Brown Rice Crisps.  We love the Black Sesame one, there is a Multigrain one too.

 photo C213C35B-6940-46E0-9F74-790915088BE2_zpsv4ziyzrh.jpg

These crackers are great as a snack, to have with dip.  They are oven baked and best of all, they are gluten-free!

 photo 44FD2132-4648-4A6B-A583-0BCC6F9A02BF_zpsmtpkl2fg.jpg

They are a family favourite in my house.  My son loves them, he has then as a snack and in his school lunch box.  They are lovely and crisp and taste delicious.

We get ours from a local health food store, but I have seen them at a local supermarket too.

 photo 0F9334CC-054E-467F-A770-480C5279DB1E_zpsme9yzx2e.jpg


  1. I love the photos of the crackers. That was very useful because sometimes you buy something based on the photo on the box and they look somewhat...different. Will have to look for these in the store!

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