Dec 19, 2013

I Had Gluten

I have been gluten-free now for 3 and a half weeks.  Aside from the initial withdrawal, which seems to have settled down now I have been feeling great.

I do still have some stomach upsets, but very mild.  My naturopath has said that after three months of being gluten-free, if I still have some symptoms I should remove all grains from my diet for three months.

Problem was, yesterday I had some gluten and oh dear it was horrible.  I ordered a club sandwich from a restaurant.  I asked for gluten-free and they said they would use gluten free bread and that their mayonnaise was gluten free.  It had chicken in it, which they poach themselves so know it's gluten free.  I can tell you now, that that sandwich was NOT gluten free.

It's quite amazing how after just three weeks of being 100% without gluten that having it suddenly, by accident can affect my body so much.  I had the most agonising stomach pains,  I was very nauseous, but worst of all was the bloating, gas and visits to the toilet.  This went on for hours.  The gas and bloating for the rest of the day.  Actually today it's still not completely better, but it has settled down a lot.

After the withdrawal symptoms I experienced and now the affect of having gluten, it's clear that I do have a problem with it and will be steering clear of it completely in the future.

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