Dec 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I thought I burnt off quite a lot of calories today!  How?  Christmas Shopping.

Yes, I braved the shops today and it was packed!  I drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find a parking space.  Then once I hit the mall, it was crazy.  I think I was there with the rest of Australia.  Australia only have a population of 22 million (almost 23 million), so we are a reasonably small country in the way of population, but we have a large land mass.  The entire population of Australia is LESS than the population of Los Angeles!  How is that, a whole country has less people than one city in the USA.

Anyway back to my shopping.

I had an embarrassing situation today.  My neighbour turned up with a Christmas gift for us.  Oh no, and I didn't have anything for them.  Also I haven't made anything this year.  I usually do make different little things like biscuits, truffles, rum balls, even Christmas cakes.  But guess what, this year I haven't.  I've been too busy, been away and Christmas has just crept up.  So I was so embarrassed this morning when she arrive with the gift of homemade rum balls and I didn't have anything for them.

So that was all added to my list today.  Containers and wrapping for some home made gifts.  I not have two days to whip something up.  I got some extras so that if I get any more surprises I can have a gift on hand.

The rest of my shopping is now complete!  I just have the last minute grocery shopping to go which I will get done tomorrow and I have some gifts still to wrap and once the wrapping is done, I'm all ready for Christmas.

I hope you all have your shopping done and don't have to go out into the crazy Christmas last minute shopping crowds!

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