Dec 19, 2011

Google Plus

I have to say that I'm confused!

Now I think of my self as reasonably tech savvy.  I am the go to person in the family with any computer or internet type questions.  I am on twitter, facebook etc.  I have an online business.  So I know my way around a computer.

But for the life of me, I can not work out Google Plus.  I am on there, I have created a page for this blog and my new travel blog.  But I kind of don't get it.  Is it a cross between twitter and facebook?  None of my friends are on Google Plus yet, so I don't have any friends or family to add, everybody seems to be on facebook.   I don't get the whole circle thing.  I can't work out how to find people other than clicking on the "entertainment" or such headings.  I'd love to follow blog pages and blogs that I follow and other people, not just celebrities.

I guess I will work it out.  I've added the Google Plus badge to my page here on my blog for anybody who is on Google Plus.  Guess I will work it out one day, LOL.

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