Dec 19, 2011

No Vacation Weight Gain

I have been so nervous since arriving home, too nervous to hop on the scales.

Being away on vacation for a couple of weeks can tend to promote weight gain rather than loss.   I was really good whist we were away.  I did an online order from Coles to be delivered to our accommodation, so I continued to make my protein shakes for breakfast, sometimes a late night snack, afternoon tea, even dinner.

I did still have a few naughty things, we had a buffet breakfast twice where I did indulge in a big breakfast, I had a cream & jam donut (oh it was SO good).  But I guess as I kept going to the gym and also doing some good walks around the island (there are some really big hills on Hamilton Island) and swimming, I hoped that I wouldn't undo all that I had done over the last three months.

Well this morning I hopped on the scales.  I have lost 1kg (2.2lbs).  So I am thrilled.  Not only did I not gain any weight whilst away, but I did actually continue to lose weight.

Now it's Christmas time, hope the losing trend continues!

1 comment:

  1. that's the best feeling!
    I'm avoiding the scale. I am bound to so sooner or later. Yay for you!


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