Dec 28, 2011

I Need A Dentist

A few days before Christmas I was chewing something hard and heard a crack in my mouth.  I felt around, looked in the mirror and couldn't feel or see anything so just ignored it.  I wasn't having any pain so I figured it was not actually a tooth cracking.

So by Christmas day I was feeling a little pain in my top back tooth only when I ate, but from the gum, not the tooth (as I have had a root canal on that tooth years ago).  I also, the day before Christmas started having a sore jaw, like the bone in my jaw was sore.  Christmas night I was around at a friends, the kids were all out in the pool playing and the adults were having cocktails and nibbles inside.  I bit into something and again heard a big crack sound.  This did not sound good and they pain shooting in my gums was agony!  I knew that Monday and Tuesday were public holidays so I thought I just had to make it to Wednesday (today) to see the dentist.  From Christmas night I have not been able to eat solid food, I just can't chew at all on my left side as if I do it crunches and really hurts, so I have been living on smoothies (fruit, protein powder in the blender), scrambled eggs as they are soft.  I can chew a little on my right side but if I get it in the wrong spot, it crunches and hurts my left side, so I just have to be really careful and try to stick to liquids or melt in my mouth foods.

Yesterday I had a look in the mirror and realised that the crunching on my gums is the tooth, really lose and when I move it it pushes the tooth up into the gums.  I am SO upset, I am obviously going to lose the tooth!  It is only loose on one side, the inside, obviously the crunch I felt last week, cracked the tooth, then the 2nd big crunch on Christmas day has obviously just cracked the tooth almost out.

Now for the really bad part.  My dentist is closed until next Tuesday, the 3rd January.  So I have another 6 days to put up with this, eat soft foods and hopefully not have the tooth fall out in case the dentist can save the tooth.

I now have a sore throat, a really sore throat (my mother had a terrible flu last week that started with a sore throat) and now I'm worried I'm getting this horrendous flu!  My mums cough is SO bad, she has been so sick.

So great!  I've got a sore tooth & mouth, I can hardly eat, now I can hardly swallow.

I'm miserable and feeling sorry for myself! :(


  1. Oh boy, that is terrible!! I hate when stuff like that happens over the holidays....hopefully you will be back to normal soon:)

  2. Oh Dear, that is terrible! I hate when stuff like that happens over the holidays.

  3. Ugh, that's quite a worst case scenario. Waiting for the dentist can be hard and frustrating due to the ache and sensitivity... That's definitely not a fun way to wait for the new year, so I hope you get a chance to get the fixed soon enough!


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