Oct 22, 2012

Aerobics Oz Style

In my promise to JFDI, this morning I awoke at 5am to take my son to his morning sport at 5.30am.   As I was up I decided to get on with some morning exercise.

With my DVD player broken and needing to get a new one I decided to turn on the TV as I had seen that there was an exercise show on at 5.30am each weekday morning.  And there it was... Aerobics Oz Style.  I have to say this was a flash back to my childhood.  I remember my mum exercising to that show when I was growing up.

So I am dressed and ready to go.  I have the TV on and the show starts.  I have to say it made me chuckle.  The series stopped being made in 2005 and had been running since 1983, so the episode that was on this morning was not from the modern 2005.  The episode today was hosted by Michelle Dean and I think it's from the 90's.  I almost felt like I was in an Olivia Newton John Physical video, LOL.  It was a real blast from the past.



The workout started.  I am not known for my co-ordination.  I am glad that I was home alone during this workout as I know if my son was home he would have been laughing at me.  But it wasn't too bad, I picked up the moves (that were being played to awesome 90's music, cool down/stretching was done to Randy Crawford, Give Me The Night).  The one thing that I didn't like is there are ads!  So you are doing a routine and then they cut to commercials and it's not the same rhythm and you have to try to keep the routine going during the ad break.   Being extremely un-coordinated, I really do like having the person to follow, but with the ad break, there was nobody to follow and I was tripping over my feet, LOL.


 Aside from the ad breaks it was not too bad.  I didn't mind it.  I wish it went for an hour rather than just half an hour, but I have set it to record so I can always do it twice, or once I get my new video player I can do a video as well.

I have set it to record again in the morning.  So will continue at the moment as it suits me to exercise at home.

For anyone interested.  Aerobics Oz Style is on Foxtel, Channel Aurora at 5.30am weekdays.

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