Oct 3, 2012

Week 6 Results

I have been feeling much better this week.

The last couple of weeks I was feeling a bit down, not very motivated.  I have been sticking to the 1200 calories without a problem, but I have not been exercising well.  I think I have only gone over 1200 calories once, and I think it was by about 5 calories.  I just haven't been feeling right, I'm not sure how to explain it.  But just not my usual positive self.  I have been needing a major change in mindset as I have been letting things upset me that I normally wouldn't.   I think I know what it is, it is a group I have been involved with and they are not a positive group, so I have removed myself from that influence and decided to just concentrate on the positive influences, positive people, inspirational people, positive groups! And I am getting my exercise back on track!  I am not used to negative people.  I am generally a very positive person, try to find the glass half full, try to find the good in people, treat others as I like to be treated, respect others and like to surround myself with like minded people.  I do find it fascinating how other peoples negativity can have such an impact on your own thoughts and feelings.   Sometimes you really do have to remove yourself from those people and again surround yourself with positiveness (is that a word, LOL) .

So... my weight loss this week.  I lost 900 grams (almost 2lbs).  That brings my total so far to 6.2kgs (13.66 lbs).   So I am right on track to to hit my 12kg loss goal for this challenge.

12WBT Progress Tracker

Now I know it's not the done thing, but I have already signed up for Round 4 of the 12WBT .  I know that I will not have lost all the weight I will want to so decided to just sign up now.  I do love this program, the meals are just delicious, they are great serving sizes, the support on the forums is fantastic, the little videos and snip tips from Michelle are awesome.  The exercise has so much variety and flexibility for home, outdoor if you are not a member of a gym (I have not learnt to love the exercise yet, LOL).  So I know this is a program for life change, it's something that is able to be carried on after you have lost the weight.   I haven't been to the round 4 forums or anything as I am wanting to concentrate on this round (round 3).  But round 4 will be getting close to Christmas and we all know how expensive that time of year is with all of the gift buying, end of year school functions, cooking, so I just wanted to get the payment of that out of the way now, so that I don't have to worry about it when the time comes.

Another exciting milestone that has been accomplished in this week.  I am back in the overweight BMI after being in the obese BMI!  Woo Hoo, I'm really quite excited about this!
I'm overweight, YAY!

Anyway I hope that you have all had good weeks, had losses that you are happy with and if not, today is another day, this week is another week and we can refocus, pick ourselves up and JFDI (I do love that saying, LOL).

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  1. Well done on your great weight loss! I too seem to have weeks where i am on track with the exercise and then weeks like this week where I set my alarm early but stay in bed :) though my sleep quality has been crap!

    I think signing up to round 4 now is largely the done thing. As long as you're not giving up on round 3 :)

    It definitely makes a difference who you hang out with be it in person or electronically :(


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