Oct 21, 2012

Meeting Michelle

Today I went to the Health and Fitness Expo and met Michelle Bridges.

I am so embarrassed!  I was so nervous and so intimidated.  I ended up being a nervous babbling nitwit, LOL!  Seriously, Michelle will be thinking that that girl (me) is a lost cause!

Now there was no reason for me to be nervous and certainly not any reason what so ever to feel intimidated as Michelle was so warm and friendly.  Michelle is so tall.  I didn't realise she was so tall and she is SO fit!  I don't know what came over me and why I was so nervous and babbling.  

I went up with my cookbook for her to sign.  Here is how our conversation went....  I told Michelle I was in my first round this round.  She asked how I was going.  Well, instead of saying "Great, I've lost 7.2kgs, I've lost 37 cm's in 8 weeks".... I say "oh good, I'm not there in the mindset yet"!  WHAT!  WHY WOULD I SAY THAT?  She asked me why that is and I said "oh I don't know, I haven't been exercising as much as I should, I had a skin cancer removed so couldn't do a lot during that time, but I was walking".  EXCUSES EXCUSES!  WHAT DOES MICHELLE DISLIKE?.... EXCUSES.  I did say I had her DVD's.  But why didn't I say that I have her stepper too and I love it?  That I have been using the stepper and the DVD it comes with?

Then I ramble on that I tore an artery and can't lift over 4kgs.   Now really, what has that got to do with the price of tea in China? There are plenty of other exercises I can do to get around lifting 4kgs.   I am meeting Michelle Bridges, for the first time, first impressions count I know this!  And I start babbling in a negative tone with ridiculous excuses.  Then, she asked me about my nutrition.  Which I really have been sticking to 100%, I'm loving the meal plans, loving the food, have been changing some meals out for others on the program (like the satay meals, being anaphylactic to peanuts rules those out).  But I am sticking to the 1200 calories, I have not been tempted once, even whilst baking cupcakes several times, even last week when I made 50 Oreo pops, filling them with white chocolate as I add the stick, the covering them with dark chocolate!  I didn't have one, I didn't lick my fingers, I was not tempted at all.

I know I have been slack with my exercise but I have not with my food.  Why wouldn't I just say that?  But NOOOOOO.... What do I say "oh good, but that really wasn't a problem before", now I can see the look on her face, it was a, yeah sure lady, who are you kidding kind of look, LOL. You didn't get this size from eating well kind of look, so knowing that what I just said sounded ridiculous, I then said "oh portions were my problem, we have eaten a pretty much organic, no processed food diet for a long time".  Now this is true.  We don't drink soft drinks, we don't eat chips, I don't keep any junk in the house.  We have eaten whole grain for years, it's all my son knows.  Lots of fresh fruit and vegies.  Portions were my biggest problem!  I was eating two to four times per meal what I should have been.  So that's means instead of having three meals a day, I was having the equivalent of 6 to 12 meals a day!!!!!

I then had my photo taken and said bye and off I toddled.  I couldn't believe it!  I just felt like such a nitwit and I know I really came off as an excuse ridden person.

Michelle if you ever get to read my blog,  I am so sorry that I was not showing my positive self today.  I am not entirely a negative excuse ridden person.  I LOVE your program, I've lost 7.2kgs so far this round, no I have not been exercising enough.  But I LOVE the meal plan, I love the snip tips and the weekly videos, I LOVE the forums, I have signed up for round 4 already as I know this program will get me too my goal weight and will change my mindset back to what it used to be.  It's not there yet, I don't know why, it's there in the food side, but not for the exercise.   I am full of excuses in the exercise department!  I want to exercise but I think I'm scared (here comes excuse number 100).  That sounds crazy I know, but I don't want to have another stroke or tear my artery again, which getting my heart rate and blood pressure too high could do, that could tear my artery again!  But not getting my weight down puts me at great risk of it happening again, so I need to JFDI.  I have Dr's restriction with what I am allowed to get my heart rate too and the weight limit I can lift.  So why don't I do that?  I NEED to exercise, I NEED to lose this last 17kgs!  I don't want my son to become an orphan, his dad died when he was young. Mind games, I wish I could shut my mind off sometimes.

So, tomorrow I am going to JFDI!   I am going to lift my exercise game.  When I meet you next Michelle I am going to be many many kg's lighter and I will be fitter!  I promise.  I will get my mind under control.  Please don't think that I am a lost cause, I know I did come across that way today at the Expo.  I feel mortified, I had a brief time with you and I wasted it with excuses!  When I should have been telling you how much I love the program, how much I appreciate all that you give to people, thank you for being there for everyone, complete strangers, giving your time to change peoples lives!   I appreciate that and I am so grateful! Thank You!


  1. Must have been great to meet her all the same!

  2. Awww Monnie, I'm sure that Michelle would have that affect on a lot of people she comes across. At least you got a photograph, are you going to show it here, please do.


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