Oct 27, 2012

I OvercameTemptation Torture

For the last two weeks I have had a number of occasions that have been temptation torture!  I am happy to say that not once have I given in to temptation.  I don't know how on earth I did it, but I did.  I did not even lick my fingers!

Now I will give a WARNING!!!! at this time.
Disclaimer:  The post below does contain photos of mouthwatering deliciousness! 

Once last week and once this week I have had to make large quantities of Oreo pops.  I have then had to go to the fetes that I have made them for and had to sell them and not only them, whole tables of home made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, fudge, lollies (candy), donuts and much more.  I have had to smell the BBQ and all of the sausages being cooked.  Whilst at these fetes I have had to watch other people wandering around eating their sausages, their ice creams, my Oreo pops and all of the cakes etc.  Again, not once did I have anything!

For the fete yesterday as a prize I also had to provide a very large jar of lollies.  I had to buy an enormous jar, I had to go to the store and stock up on massive bags of lollies, snakes, milk bottles, teeth etc and fill the jar.  Then look at it sitting there for a week, waiting for the fete!  I did not have one lolly, not one!   I then had to provide prizes for my son's stall.  I had to buy boxes of chocolates and bags of mixed lollies.  I went and bought those had have had to look at those for a week, just desperate to hop into the box and have just one block of Milky Bar - Cookies and Cream chocolate.  But no, I didn't.

Then came the two occasions that I had to make Oreo Pops.  The first batch I made 55 and the second batch (that I made on Thursday)  I made 120.  Now on Thursday, making my 120 Oreo Pops, this took me 8 hours!  I had 8 hours of breaking open Oreos (THAT I LOVE), dipping a stick in melted white chocolate (that smelt SO good) and placing the stick in the middle of the cookie.

Oreo Pops now on with sticks, ready for dunking.

Then I had the joy of melting 8 bags of choc melts over the day, yes 8 bags, that once melted just looked and smelt divine.   I could have just drunk the whole jug, straight up!  But I didn't.  I then had to dunk the biscuits in this warm melted chocolate.

Dunking the Oreo Pop in melted chocolate, YUM

I then decorated them in cute little characters, flowers and hundreds and thousands.

My decoration station

Oreo Pops with sport and jungle animal decorations

Oreo Pops with cute flower decorations

Oreo Pops with hundred and thousands sprinkles

I then wrapped each individual Oreo Pop in a little plastic bag and tied it with ribbon.

Oreo Pops, wrapped and ribboned ready for the fair

Oreo Pops wrapped and ribboned for the fair

And here they are... On sale at one of the fetes, all ready for little boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen to munch on.  They were at HUGE success at both events.

Oreo Pops on display in a large polystyrene block

Oreo Pops on display in a large polystyrene block

So after the last two weeks of temptation, the masses of Oreo Pops that I have made, I still have never tried one.  I don't actually know if they are any good.  Everyone was saying they were, people kept coming back for more.  Some people were buying lots to take home with them after trying one, so they must have been ok.

But for me,  I am 100% focused on getting rid of my weight and becoming healthy, so for now, it's no Oreo Pops for me.  But boy did they smell good!

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  1. Those Oreo Pops look good and sitting beside them without eating any sounds rough.


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