Oct 4, 2012

Words That Inspire Me

Just wanted to share some of the words that inspire me!  I love to go and read these to get my mind back to where it should be.








What words or sayings inspire you?

I have decided to add to this post.  As there are more words that inspire me.  Some I have been reading the last couple of days.  They are the words of others, in their blogs, that I read.  They inspire me, they often make me look at things and give me a slap in the face and make me pull myself together.  They make me feel like I can do this, this weight loss journey, this turn my unhealthy life into a healthy life journey.  They make me feel not alone as they share often what I'm feeling, they could be writing the post about me, which inspires me to know that I am normal.

So here are a few of my favourites.  I do have many more, but these are ones that I have read the last couple of days.

  • Another inspiring read is by Casey from Finding my way back to the Thinner Me .  Her latest post Don't restrict yourself to stereotypes is great!  I love reading that.  Here is a link to that post here.... Don't restrict yourself to Stereotypes

I have many other blogs that I follow and love to read, but I hope you get some inspiration from those amazing man and women as they share their stories and feelings and get as much inspiration from them as I do.


  1. Love this inspiration! Sounds like we are on a similar track of long-term life changes. I'm off out to dinner but am walking to get there... even though it's cold and wet where I am. I reckon we all need regular motivation and regular inspiration too.

  2. There are some good quotes there. I am on a mission to loose weight at the moment!


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