Oct 1, 2012

Social Media

I need to get off the computer!

There are so many social media outlets out there now to be involved in that I seem to be spending so much time online, when I really should be getting out and exercising.

With the 12WBT website, Michelle's videos, the 12WBT forums, the Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,, then there is reading others blogs and of course maintaining my blog.

Like now for instance, its Midday and I really have not accomplished much as I have been sitting here on the couch, on this public holiday reading blogs!  Then I will popped over and had a look at some of the Facebook groups and read some more blogs.  I've been on Pinterest to do some re-pinning, I have had a look on twitter and liked some photos on Instagram and now here I am updating my blog!  Thank goodness I don't really know anyone or participate much on Google Plus!

How does everyone else keep up and get anything done with all of this social media activity out there these days that brings us back to the couch and computer and away from activity????

During the week is better, there is work, school drop offs, pick ups, kids to their activities, shopping, cooking, laundry, housework, trying to squeeze in exercise, which doesn't leave too much time for the social media but I still spend time that could be used doing other things.

That is my whinge for the day, I just got a shock when I looked at the time and realised I have accomplished nothing today other than spending time on the computer! I will get off the computer now and go and vacuum, do laundry and come cleaning, fun stuff :(   Then I will take the dog for a big long walk (or he will walk me would be a more accurate statement).

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