Nov 19, 2012

12WBT Round 4, Day 1

Today started well on this first day of round 4 12WBT.

As I have mentioned before, my focus on this round is exercise.  I need to get my exercise mindset in check.  For me round 3...  Food mindset, check... Exercise mindset, cross.

So round 4 is going to be food mindset, check.... exercise mindset, CHECK!

I know this is going to be hard.  I was doing my workout this morning and I was just saying to myself.  I really don't like this.  I know that's not a good thing to be thinking whilst you are bouncing away to Oz Style Aerobics and Michelle's super shredder DVD.  I wasn't fully into her DVD I will admit.  I'm hoping that will change.   I do get a lot of amusement out of Aerobics Oz Style.  I feel like I'm stepping into a time warp.  I feel like I did when I was a kid and my mother was doing aerobics.  The outfits are a sight to be seen!

But I did it.  I did a workout and I will do it again.  I have also seen that there is another Aerobics workout on Foxtel.  It's on at 7am though, which is just way too late for me, so I recorded it this morning, then tomorrow I will be able to do today's, tomorrow and tomorrows the next day etc.

I am seriously considering about rejoining the gym.  I just wonder about finding the time to go.  I'm a single mum, so going outside of school hours isn't really an option as I can't leave my son on his own at night.   So the only time I have is during school hours.  But I work then!  He is a little old to do childcare at the gym.  I would consider leaving him during the day hours but never at night (not sure what the difference is between night and day but in my mind there is).

Anyway I haven't ruled out the gym.  I have three that I am looking at.  Will fill you in about those later.

I hope you are all having a good first day (for those doing this round of 12WBT) and for those not doing it, I hope that your goals and dreams are being fulfilled too!


  1. Well done on doing the DVD Monnie. Yesterday was a tough one for me to get going as well. I feel great after a workout, but before is usually a bit of a mental struggle. My favourite part is the cool down/stretch ;) Hope you can find a gym option that works for you. I think it really helps to have a lot of variety.

  2. Thanks Leanne :)

    Yes the cool down/stretch is great, you know you are on the home stretch, LOL I did join a gym for a 30 day trial today. It's not everything I'm wanting in a gym, but I'm going to give it a go and see how it goes.


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