Nov 13, 2012

Red Flag Day!

Today is a red flag day!  I have had challenging days, like making cupcakes and oreo pops.  But tonight is different.  It's my birthday.

Tonight the whole family is going out for dinner.  Where to?  To Italian!  Could it get any worse?  NO I don't think so!

What is worse, is that tomorrow is final weigh in!  Tomorrow morning!  After a night out, after a non controlled dinner.  If I was at home, I could have controlled what I had for dinner tonight.  I could have made sure that I had not a drop over my daily calories.  But tonight I step into the unknown.  I step into a restaurant with their sauces, high salt content, oils, calories calories calories.

I have checked out the menu from the restaurant and really don't know what to have.  There is Grilled Crispy Skin Salmon (which I wouldn't eat the skin) on top of a salad.  There is Tuna Steak with some sort of salad, but I'm not sure how the Tuna is cooked.  There is Chicken Marsala.

I've just looked at the calories and they are all seem to be ok, well not really.  But I haven't had any of my snacks today, so I have the 300 calories from my snacks to eat tonight too.

I wouldn't normally worry too much.  When I have stuck to the food portion of 12WBT the whole way, I guess one night out isn't too bad.  But WHY does it have to be the night before final weigh in?  Why?  Why couldn't it bee a couple of days before, then I could work my tail off to burn those calories.  But I'm going to go to bed after this off the plan meal, this un-caloried controlled meal, this meal where I really don't know how what is in it meal, then waking up a few hours later to weigh in.

Oh well, nothing I can do I suppose.  I have done all I can by checking out the menu before so I can do rough calculations of calories.  I just hope that I can behave myself and not blow it out too much.

Wish me luck!


  1. Well first of all, happy birthday, but I feel your pain as to the eating out. This year I took a rain check for my birthday and delayed the eating out LOL. But you know what, there will be important moments on this journey we are on, we will make the choices we will and deal with it. Good luck. And hope you have a terrific night.


  2. Thanks so much Carol! Are you doing Round 4? Hope your journey so far has been a good one!


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