Nov 14, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Today is our final weigh in for Round 3, 12WBT. I lost 1kg (2.2lbs) in this last week, I'm thrilled with that.    Well I will be doing a final weigh in on Sunday (still 4 days away), to get my final results for the 12 week challenge.

But as of today I have lost 9.7 kg (21.38 lbs) and 44.5 cm in the last 11.5 weeks.  I am happy with that, although I did not get to my goal of 12 kg.  I know the only person I have to blame for not reaching that goal is myself.  I know I could have worked a lot harder in the exercise department.  But I am proud of myself for getting my head in the right space with my diet and my mindset has definitely improved.

So I have signed up for Round 4, which starts next Monday, the 19th.  This round will be great, over Christmas, lots of yummy Christmas food but the right foods.  Round 4 is going to be focused on my exercise (whilst maintaining my current diet headspace).  I really need to get my exercise head in the game and get some great results in this upcoming round.  I have 14.4 kg to get to my goal.  I don't expect to do that in this next round, but I do expect to get really close!    So that does mean I will sign up for the first round next year.  I am going to keep with this program until I have reached my goal and until I have my mindset completely under control.

I have been having a lot of people noticing a difference in my body shape in the last couple of weeks.  It has taken long enough for people to notice, LOL.  But I guess with 300 grams off losing 10kg, they really should have noticed.   What was really nice was a birthday card I got from a friend yesterday.  She addressed it to Skinny Minnie!  A much better name than my son currently calls me.  His name for me is "Miniature Mother".  Now he does not mean miniature because of my shrinking body, he means it because he has passed me in height and it seems almost by the day, that he is towering further and further over me, LOL.

I am happy to report that my major red flag day was successful yesterday.  I insisted that there be no cakes and everybody respected that.  Thanks to my pre-planning and looking at the restaurant menu before going last night.  I ended up having the grilled tuna with vegetables.  So on my major red flag day, I did not exceed my 1200 calories!  Probably helped with my 1kg weight loss this week.

After photos for this round will be done this afternoon.  I will post my before and after shots here.  Yes I will.  I wasn't going to, but I will, surely you will be able to see a difference after losing 10kgs.

So whilst this round is almost over, my weight loss journey is not!  It has only just begun!


  1. Happy birthday and big congrats for all that you achieved, Monnie. I'm doing round 4 , too (my first round ever), so we're in this together! :) Best of luck and stay strong!

  2. I noticed you are a day ahead of me. I'll have to look for the solar eclipse in the morning.


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