Nov 14, 2012

Solar Eclipse

There was a solar eclipse this morning.

I did take some photos.  I wasn't silly enough to actually look at the sun, I just aimed my phone in that direction and clicked away.

I have to say it wasn't what I was expecting.  I thought it would be like you see on TV or in movies.  Where the sky would go black, like it was nighttime and it would have that strange black dot with a light ring.   But there wasn't any of that.  The sky did go an eeire colour.  It was very strange.  There were lots of shadows around and the sky went kind of dark but it was still bright if that makes sense (no I don't think it does).

Anyway here are a couple of shots I took.  I am sure you will be impressed with my point and shoot, without looking shots.  These were taken with an iPhone5 too so nothing high tech.

Doesn't look like a Solar Eclipse, but it is.

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