Nov 18, 2012

Bye Round 3, Hello Round 4

Today marks the end of my first round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  I have to say that I'm a little sad to see it go.  I do get rather attached to things and do not like change.  But it's ok as I am starting Round 4 today.

I am really excited about round 4.  I really want to get on top of this exercise mindset that has been letting me down.  It was my downfall in Round 3, even though I did lose 9.7kg and 44.5cm, that was done with diet alone, not through exercise.

Round 4 is my exercise round!  I am going to take control.  I have such strong will power when it comes to diet.  I have not had one problem sticking to the 1200 calories.  I have not one time gone over that and not one time have I given in to temptation.  Despite all of the cupcake baking, oreo pop making, birthday dinners, brownie making, fathers day lunches, pancake breakfasts every Sunday (not for me), school fetes working the cake stall and many more temptations and I have had this willpower to say no.  I have been so determined.   I will continue this in Round 4.  I am confident in that.  I know I can do it so am really not worried.

I am however not so sure about the exercise.  I'm not sure why I can't get that same sort of willpower that I have with the diet into the exercise mindset, but that is going to be my goal for this round.  To develop the same mindset and willpower with exercise that I have with the food.

I'm looking forward to following many new 12WBTers journeys.  Seeing your transformations and your successes.  Sharing your ups and downs as lets face it, there will be times of ups and downs.  I think that is natural.  I am sure I will have my exercise up's and down's on my way to a fit and healthy life.

Good luck to everyone who is on their journey, good luck to all of those who are starting Round 4 12WBT today/tomorrow.   It's going to be an awesome round, I can just feel it!

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