Sep 15, 2011

Ah The Pain

After my first two days at the gym I am still in agony.  I have realised that after my session on Tuesday with the trainer and being so very sore in my legs and stomach (I have realised I must have virtually no core muscles, LOL). But I didn't rest, I'm determined to win this challenge so off to the gym I went yesterday.

By last night I was in agony.  Every step was just a killer, getting up off the chair was almost impossible, moving hurt my lower stomach muscles so much.  I had a wheat pack on my stomach and on my legs.  I then decided to go and lie in a bath with some Epsom salts.  That was absolute bliss, just sitting in the bath  was giving so much relieve.  After a while I dragged myself out.

I awoke this morning even worse.  I thought that after a big session that the next day you can be sore, but I didn't realise it can get worse over 48 hours! (but it can, I have now read).  So I contacted my trainer this morning as I was due to see her today at the gym.  I explained that I was so unbelievably sore and she said that I really should rest today as the muscles do need time to rest when they are really sore.

I really didn't want to do no exercise today so I have just been for a light walk.  Every step was painful, but I pushed through it and did about 45 minutes.

As the saying goes... "no pain, no gain".  Well with all of the pain I'm experiencing, there had better be a great deal of gain, LOL.

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