Sep 19, 2011

Baggy Pants

I don't have my next weigh in and measurements for another 2 and a half weeks.  For the challenge, I had my weight in and all of my measurements on the first day, then we are done again at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and then finally at the end of the 12th week.  I do mean to post my starting measurements here but I have not received them from my trainer.  I am taking my challenge book to the gym tomorrow so I will get all of them then and reveal them to all of you tomorrow.

I know I have lost weight.  Well I had better have!  It's 9 days today and I have been sticking to the eating plan and also exercising every day.  I haven't been to the gym every day but have exercised.  If I don't go to the gym then I go for a big walk.  How do I know I've lost weight?  Well my pants are getting a lot more room in them.  My jeans and shorts were getting so tight that I was hanging over the top.  Yes, the classic muffin top.  Well the muffin top has gone!  Completely gone!  So that is very exciting.  Now I am not any where near finished yet. Just because the muffin top has gone, if I put on a size smaller jeans then I would have the muffin top.  So until I get down to my desired, healthy weight then I will not be celebrating!   But I am happy, happy that there are results for all of my hard work so far.

I will update tomorrow with my starting measurements.


  1. I would wear too-big pants to avoid the dreaded muffin top, I was so afraid of being made fun of.

    But, isn't a good feeling when your pants get too big, as you hang onto them to keep them from falling off you think, "YESSSSS!"

  2. Sadly all of my pants and shorts started out with no muffin top, but I have grown so much that I now have one! Well actually I don't any more, its gone, but if I put my smaller clothes on, then it would reappear, LOL. What I'm looking forward to is when i can get my smaller clothes on, and no muffin top.


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