Sep 8, 2011


It's still two days until the big 12 week challenge begins on Saturday but tomorrow is going to be exciting.

Tomorrow is my first appointment at the Gym after joining up a couple of days ago.  I will meet my personal trainer for the first time and she will do my program for me and do my before photos and measurements for the challenge (eeekkk, not looking forward to that).

So tonight I am getting out my work out clothes, get my outfit all organised.  My gym clothes that have been getting dusty up in my closet for well over a year how.  I have just had a terrifying thought!  What if they don't fit, last time I wore them I was 10kgs (22 pounds) lighter!  Oh well, they won't be tight for long and there isn't any point in spending money on new gym clothes when I will only need them at that size for a month or two.  So I will be in skin tight gym clothes, guaranteed that I will have a rather large muffin top (such a bad look!) but there isn't anything I can do.  So whilst technically the challenge doesn't start until Saturday, I will be starting tomorrow with my first gym workout!

I will let all of you know tomorrow night how it all went.  I will probably be very sore, LOL

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