Sep 10, 2011

Day 1 of FTC

Today is the first day of the Fenix Transformation Challenge (FTC).

I had a setback with the trainer yesterday for my first session at the gym.  When I got there and filled in the forms, as I have high blood pressure and also had the torn artery, she needs a letter from my Dr before going up my exercise plan.  So rather than training yesterday, which I was hoping was my first day at the gym, we spent the 45 minutes chatting about the transformation challenge, doing my weight and also my measurements.

I was absolutely mortified to see that my weight was now 88.7kgs (195 pounds).  I was only 90kgs (198 pounds) when I gave birth to my son.  How on earth did I get this big!  Anyway I will not be this big for long, I can't wait to reveal my results in 12 weeks time.  I don't have my measurements as she didn't give those to me and there were so many, I just can't remember.  My next session at the Gym is Monday, so I will ask her for those then so I can share them here.

When I hopped on the scales I did let out a little swear word as I did truly get a shock.  She did say  "well you do have your shoes on, they add weight, about 700grams (1.5pounds).  I said "oh come on, LOL.  That means I still weigh 88kgs (194 pounds), that's still disgusting).  Anyway I am so embarrassed, I will not be revealing my initial weight to anyone.

I have just had a thought though.  When I win this challenge and win the $5000, my weight will be revealed, my starting weight will be revealed!  I am hoping that won't bother me as much once I am 28.7kgs lighter.  My initial goal was 20kgs, but now seeing that I am 8.7kgs heavier than I thought, I am now having to set a new goal.  I don't know that I will get the whole 28.7kgs off in 12 weeks, people do lose 20 to 30 kgs so it is possible.  I will see how I go.

Anyway this morning is my first day.  As I am not able to train at the gym until I receive clearance from my Dr (which I will get, Monday), I am off for a walk today.  Have to get moving and start my meal plan.  My first meal this morning was a protein shake.  Then I am off for my walk and they out for breakfast with friends, I will be armed with what I can and can not eat, so I don't break the program on the first day.

Will update tonight with more details on my eating plan.

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  1. I'll be interested to follow this. I desperately need to do something similar myself but I don't have the funds or reliabilitty for gym appointments at the moment, might have to search out an at home version. Go hard, you can do it!


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